Finding Synergy Through Music: Alone Architect On Working With Roniit

Finding Synergy Through Music: Alone Architect On Working With Roniit

Jun 23, 2020, 12:40:41 PM Entertainment

For thousands of years, music has been a way for humans to communicate and express themselves; one of the premier art forms. The evolution and limitlessness of the medium is both enchanting and encompassing, and is why Canada’s Jeff Feldman loves making music for a living. Known as Alone Architect, the celebrated Recording Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Mix Engineer/Musician/Multi-Instrumentalist, there are few aspects of making music that Feldman is not experienced with, and it is for that reason that when asked what job title he prefers to go by, he simply says “artist.”


“I’ve always wanted to impact the world in some way through music. To hopefully be able to spark a new thought or idea in someone else’s mind - the way the artists of my youth did to me. Whether that be with my own work or through my involvement in someone else’s work, that connects with me on that honest level. Being a producer has enabled me to do just that each and every day. I love what I do and Iʼm fortunate and grateful to be able to do it each and every day in some shape or form,” says Feldman.


Each musical note Feldman envisions and brings to reality is a part of a greater picture, piecing together a work that audiences can explore and relate to. Whether remixing a previous hit, as he did with Crywolf’s “Quixote Reimagined” or starting from scratch, as he has done on many collaborations with Roniit, Feldman knows how to express emotion and ignite catharsis through his music.


One of Feldman’s longest professional relationships is with Roniit, a dark pop artist with a shared passion for unique and dynamic sound. The two first collaborated on the song “Placeholder” as an idea came to them while out for dinner. Roniit was telling Feldman a story about a romantic interest of hers, and he responded saying “heʼs just a placeholder” and the idea for the song was born. That one track led to several others that they have worked on together, as well as more they are working on currently that we can eagerly await.


Their next hit, “Surreal”, was born in a bit of a different way. While they were working on “Placeholder”, Feldman was playing piano, just improvising downstairs in Roniitʼs house, while she was sitting outside on the balcony. He started playing a piano riff and a minute or so later, she came inside singing a hook. It caught Alone Architect’s ear right away and they began fleshing it out a bit more, focusing on the core melody. Within minutes, they had a strong song idea and immediately jumped back into the studio to work it out, and now, the song has over 69,000 streams on Spotify.


“The great thing about a collaboration is that you get different flavors that inevitably make up something unique as a whole. I look at making music a bit like cooking. When you cook you donʼt just throw one ingredient in there and call it a day. Pasta sauce isnʼt made up of just tomatoes. You need different ingredients - different flavors to make up the whole dish. So inevitably being part of any collaboration means that you bring something special - something uniquely you - to the table. And itʼs the sum of the parts that make up the whole. So from my end – I brought my vibe in terms of production ideas, songwriting and mixing to the table - amongst all the little intangibles. I had a very specific way I envisioned Roniitʼs vocals sounding in the mix down, super dreamy, yet vulnerable, raw and emotive and I worked hard to make those emotions translate as well as I could in the mix. I wanted to create a world in which they existed, based on the amazing performance that she'd delivered, and that was a big part of the mixing process for me,” Feldman describes.


Alone Architect and Roniit have worked together on several other popular songs in the last seven years, including “Not Good For You”, “Runaway”, and “How U Like Me Now” which has over 2,100,000 Spotify streams and over 1,000,000 YouTube views. They also worked on the music video for “Placeholder.” The two have formed a strong bond over the years, and always look for opportunities to work together once more.


“Jeff has a creative mind unlike anyone else I have met. When writing music, he never runs out of ideas, and the ideas are highly creative and evolved. Jeff doesn’t imitate when creating art - he lives and breathes it - which makes his art authentic.  On top of that he is very organized and reliable which means you can always count on him to finish the projects he starts - a rare combo in a musician,” says Roniit.


Be sure to keep an eye – and ear – out for Roniit and Alone Architect’s next collaboration.

Published by Prashant Agarwal

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