The Uncommon Path Fuels Giacomo Girardi’s International Career

The Uncommon Path Fuels Giacomo Girardi’s International Career

Jun 16, 2020, 7:24:18 AM Entertainment

The late Anthony Bourdain was internationally famed for his zeal for life. While presenting his stories about food, the real story was his interaction with the people. In this combination, greatness was born. As Bourdain himself stated, “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” What this statement clarifies so profoundly is that we are all connected and have something to offer each other should we simply choose to pursue that connectivity. It feeds us. Giacomo Girardi perceives this on a deep level. The Italian photographer and Graphic Designer has worked with multimillion dollar companies such as Quintisentially (global luxury real estate concierge service) and others but Girardi is always pursuing an understanding of people all over the world to inform his work. From branding redesigns to architecture to literally immersing himself in a culture completely foreign to him, Giacomo’s work testifies that the modern day artist is more diversified than ever in skill applications and interests.

There’s much more to Girardi than the title Graphic Designer implies. Though there is a certain symbiotic professional connection between graphic design and sales/marketing, Giacomo applies high-art influences to connect with the stories of peoples’ lives. Matt Pashkow (Creative Director at Apple TV+ Marketing and former Vice President of Brand & Design at Disney ABC) professes, “Simply viewing Giacomo’s work will inform you that he has a hyper-tuned eye for detail and a unique creative sense. His designs are simply astounding. He is that remarkable combination of talent, professionalism, and committed work ethic which is so valuable in so many ways.” PXP Media Senior Account Director Jasmine Elia echoes this statement confirming, “Giacomo has many admirers within the industry. He’s an exceptionally gifted and creative Graphic Designer who dives deep into every project to find something truly special to present.” PXP Media’s eclectic client list spans from Ice Cube’s Big 3 Basketball League to American Express, confirming their need for a versatile talent such as Girardi.


 The DNA of Giacomo’s originality is rooted in his willingness to embrace situations and experiences which are expansive personally and professionally. In 2014, he travelled to Benin in West Africa as part of building a structure for one of the poorest communities in the area. Documenting the experience for his own personal memories, he began to notice consistencies with his trip a year earlier to New Orleans and the connections with Voodoo culture. The Portonovo area of Benin is historically recognized as one of the largest slave ports of previous centuries. Girardi describes, “Comparing my shoots from Africa and the ones made previously in Louisiana made me think that the cultural heritage and style present in Louisiana was a sort of hybrid between these African influences and those of French and Haitian origins while the graphic culture and the architectural styles in Benin where obviously the pure and uncontaminated.” Nearly three-dozen of Giacomo’s photos were included in an exhibition titled “Africa” in Trieste (Italy), one of which was selected as the hero shot for the promotional poster of the entire exhibit.


 A deep affinity and knowledge of architecture has served Giacomo and those whom he collaborates with on a number of occasions. His work as an Architectural designer and 3D concept illustrator was recognized by the University of Architecture of Venice and Columbia University New York with the presentation of his “Paesaggio e Utopia.”Possessing a Masters Degree in Architecture and Arts, Girardi created this project which presents the construction of a single infrastructure devoted to connecting two different urban realities together. These two urban realities are Saxa Rubra, and Labaro, located in an industrial area outside Rome. In order to connect these two communities, Girardi designed a large infrastructure of shops and activities to facilitate integration and ease of transport. This is yet another example of his desire to peer into the possibilities of human connection.


 The common thread throughout all of this work is the connection of visuals to an emotional response. For Giacomo Girardi, these are external manifestations of impactful life moments. He relates, “These life experiences allow me to be open and fearless in my daily work-life. An artistic perspective comes from a human perspective. Trying things less ordinary and ‘stretching’ myself to try new things makes me a better artist and a better Art Director.”

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