Be generous and that too for a selfish gain! :)

Be generous and that too for a selfish gain! :)

Disclaimer- This piece is meant for the normal class of humans. If you think you’re “extra-ordinarie”, please do not proceed with it!

Sheer Sharing = Sheer Success

How do we often rate how the success level of a person? Is it the Car that he drives or is it the money that he spends, or is it the fortune of the person to be born in a well-to-do family?

We are surrounded by the vicious circle of networking, Networking is indeed good for us but the way networking is done today is eating away all our talents, making us more greedy and more selfish then ever before!

Let me take you through a short story on how you can achieve peace with your inner-self without having to ask your friends to like your posts on the Erstwhile!

Do something that will last a lifetime… Help the needy!

It so happened one day, when I was going back home from college at around 10:30 pm at, It was raining heavily and I was astonished to see people who do not have shelter over their head to guard themselves from the rain, people who are not able to afford an umbrella because they hardly get enough money to eat were trying to sleep on the messy roads. They do not get sufficient meals to eat, sufficient shelter to sleep and sufficient money to help educate their children. And we, we never stop craving for more. The reason why people are poor, are deprived isn’t because they do not work hard, it is because we eat their share from the mother nature!

I see children begging across the street craving for food, craving for a bite of the paneer roll and the samosa that we often buy without even caring about the cost. We’ve so many clothes that even our closets run over-loaded and yet we ask for more.

We have our family, our close relatives yet we run to our “friends” to get their support. Why? Are our parents not enough for being able to understand our needs? Our parents may be conservative, but there is a reason behind it, the reason is that they have realised with the help of their experiences that this world is full of nothing but people who are selfish and greedy.

We have love all around us and yet we ignore it! We spend lavishly on our birthday(s) but we never care about giving a treat to the needy people who will actually bless us and make our lives even greener!

It will cost us virtually nothing if we save a rupee everyday from our monthly allowance and donate it to the needy. 30 Rupees a month will not at all be a burden on us but if each one of us contributes, we can help the children smile!

Your true friends will forget your party! Your girlfriend will never care about your kindness once she gets a better option. The other people in the society will always be jealous of you and try to put you down every time. But this little kid whom you’ll serve will not just go away. He’ll always remember you and in his prayers of becoming a better person, he will ask God to bless you for your kindness. ‘Mere ek bhaiya hai, unki wajah se mujhe ek samosa aur chai mil jaata hai; Bhagwaan ji aap unka hamesha khayaal rakhna’

You might be a God fearing person or you might not be one, but this world works on the law of attraction! You might always be stressed about your life; your goals, your family problems, your education, your career and everything else that will contribute to increasing the stress level! But the smile of the child that you’ll help will actually help decrease the stress level and make you happy! If you give love, you will definitely be loved back!

Been to a Shaadi? I know you’ve been to one. Don’t lie.

Lavish Marriages, More-than-100 count of food items. You might have also noticed that people actually are not able to eat it all. Most of it rots and waste. Being an Indian, we’ve always been taught not to waste food because the food curses you if you waste it! But as we grow up, we tend to ignore our basic values and keep on wasting money over things we do not need, things that do not actually help us in achieving anything! The food will not curse us, but logically, the food that we waste could have helped a person in filling his desire for good food. The food that we might be tired of eating can be the delicacy for a child who searches for breads to eat from the trash.

They say, ‘Life will always be full of ups and downs, and you’ll be alone to survive it all’ If you are able to survive, well and good. If you are not, the world wouldn’t care about you and you will be forgotten and replaced! ‘Survival of the fittest is the key to success, but to be fit and happy you need to selfishly share’

This is the world we live in. We realise that we’ve a bunch of clothes hanging in our closet, pair of shoes in the shoe-rack and the best of the available technology and yet we crave for more.

The divine has blessed us with more than what we need and just as we know, there has been a reason behind it all. If you believe that you’ve been sent on this Planet for a mission, the mission is sharing the ‘extra’ things you have and distribute it all wisely. We’re fortunate to be free of diseases, ailments and that we’ve a brain that can think. We are fortunate to have a family, daily meals, shelter, clothes, education and all the other things that we are tired of having. Ever wondered, this planet has people who have no relatives, no friends, no food, no shelter over their head, no money, nothing at all. The problem is we often forget our mission here on this Planet. If you look through the profiles of the now-super rich people, these people grew up because they had the blessing of the world behind them. Bill Gates, who donated more-than half of his estate to the needy is back to the Richest man on the planet.

We think that we don’t have anything for ourselves and that we can hardly make a difference to the needy. The truth is, we have a lot, more-than-enough food, shelter, money and everything that we need in our day to day lives.

Lets start donating.

Instead of spending money on the Astrologers who often make predictions according to the donations you give to them, spend it on the poor and it will blossom for sure. I do not believe in Astrology, I believe in Charity!

Here’s what you’ve to do-

  1. Start saving a rupee each day. At the end of the month give a treat (not to your friends or family) but to the shelter less child who will bless you for your conviction!

The more you will practise it, the more you will cherish it. The real task is to START. And believe me you’ll never end this!

  1. On your birthday, make a habit of donating 10% of your Birthday budget to help sponsor an education for a child! There are many NGOs who help in educating the children for a meagre 1000 bucks. Or if you want to do it yourself, go to some nearby school with the child and you will be able to afford him education.
  2. Whenever you go out with your family or friends to shopping, donate the things that you do not need. There is always a dead-stock of clothes that we’ve in our closets. Instead of filling it up, donate the things you do not need. The shirt that you hate will be the shirt that the poor man is proud to wear!

We’re social creatures! We do not do what we actually want to, but we do what will earn us likes! You might show-off your new car or your new house, your smart-phone, your LV belt to show how rich you are or how well you take care of YOURSELF!

You might be the star of your colony in terms of money, education, looks, talent, laptop or anything among the plethora of things that you want to put up in Instagram everyday!

We blame India to be a corrupt nation, we blame the politicians to be eating the country. But in reality, we are actually stealing a square meal everyday from the thousands of the deprived.

If you’re in your teenage or young-adulthood, you’re what you are because of your parents! They worked hard for you and because of them you are able to be the star! Your parents have probably realised that Social Networking or Social Networks or the real friendship that you think you’ve is an illusion, and hence for your good they often ask you to concentrate on your studies!

You might be cursing your parents for not being able to offer you all that you wanted, but you fail to realise that all that you have is the result of your dad’s dedication, hard work and everything that he had.

Don’t waste anything! Don’t take your money for granted, you never know when you get into an accident which costs you your parent’s estate.

Help the needy, their blessings will help you cross the line and be ahead of your peers!

Published by Pravesh Mull

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