How to Connect a VoIP Phone to a Router Using an Ethernet Cable

How to Connect a VoIP Phone to a Router Using an Ethernet Cable


1. Power off the modem and router. Before installing a VoIP phone, unplug the modem and router and any devices connected to them.

2. Connect the VoIP business phone systems handset to the base station. (skip if your handset is connected to your phone) If the handset has a cord, connect it to the RJ-9 phone jack on the back of the phone. There may be two of these jacks, one for a handset and one for a headset. If it is a cordless phone, place the handset in the base station and let it charge. If the handset requires batteries, put the batteries in the handset.

3. Connect an Ethernet cable to the desktop phone. Look for the Ethernet port on the base station of your phone and connect the Ethernet cable that came with your phone to the port. This ethernet port is designated with either "internet" or some sort of network icon. Most VoIP phones offer an Ethernet pass-through option. This allows you to connect another device, such as a computer, to your phone so that you only need to use one port on your router to connect two devices. If you wish to use this option, connect your computer's Ethernet cable to the port on the base station that says "PC" or something similar. 

4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the router or modem. Most home routers and modems have 4 numbered Ethernet ports on the back. Plug the Ethernet cable running from your phone to any one of the ports on the back of the router. If you have a network switch installed which gives you more Ethernet ports to work with, then plug the ethernet cable coming from the phone into an available port on the ethernet switch.

5. Power up the modem and router. If you have a separate modem and router, plug in the modem first and wait 30 seconds for it to resync with the network. Then plug in the router and wait 30 seconds.

6. Connect the AC adapter to the VoIP phone. The AC adapter is the cord you use to plug into an electrical outlet or power strip. Look for a port on the back of the phone that matches the size and shape of the AC adapter input connector. If you have a Power over Ethernet feature for your home network, then you will not need a power supply, as the network cable is the power source.  

7. Check an outbound call. When you see the screen turn to the standard home screen, pick up the phone and test making a call.


Example of a Router


Example of a Modem



Example of Ethernet Cable

A Note on Routers

If you haven’t upgraded to a new wireless router in a few years, you might want to seriously consider it. That old router may still be working, but newer ones will give you better Wi-Fi and therefore higher quality VoIP calls. Also, check that the firmware on your router is up to date.

Obtaining Ethernet Cable

Press8 does not sell the Ethernet cables but they are widely available from major online retailers such as Voipsupply, Amazon, or New Egg. The specifications are: RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable and they come in different lengths depending on how far your phone is from your router. 


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