How to Choose the Right Boat Dealer for both New or a Pre-Owned Boat

How to Choose the Right Boat Dealer for both New or a Pre-Owned Boat

Apr 27, 2021, 10:16:20 AM Life and Styles

Planning to buy a boat? Well, buying a boat, in fact, choosing the right person to strike a deal with seems like a headache. The right boat dealer can give you the best deal that checks every list in your box. The strenuous process often discourages potential buyers from going through it all. But, owning a boat can be a great experience. With the boating season knocking at the door, what are you waiting for? 

Here are some pointers to consider while choosing a boat dealer while purchasing a boat:

Do your Research

You find a boat for sale, choose a dealer. Doesn’t something feel wrong? One of the most important steps to follow before buying a boat is to do your homework. 

Before you go boat shopping, it is crucial to understand what you are getting yourself into. You should consider the type of boat and the purpose of your boat to get a clear idea. Moreover, you can check out some of the new styles of boats online. Online research helps narrow down the process and bring the right deals to you. You should look out for dealers as some of them will only provide you with new boats, whereas the others would offer pre-owned boats or even both.

Set a budget

If you think your research ends here, well, you are not in safe waters just yet! While you focus on choosing the type of boat and other aspects you want, you should also consider a proper budget. 

Wondering where to start? Well, to avoid visiting offices or shops one after the other, you can do your look it up online with local results. You will find a list of some best service that might get you the bang of a buck deal you are looking for.

Plan an organized deal

The minute aspects of your deal can indicate red flags. From how they talk to how they present their office, everything says a lot about your potential dealer. Your dealer’s office should be clean, inviting, and has proper staff support. Make sure you feel comfortable around the space and with your dealer; if you are not, well, consider looking at other options. 

Your dealer should ask questions

A boat deal should have both parties asking questions. The dealer will ask questions and will try to know more about you. They will be enthusiastic and also offer advice while you decide on a boat. They will also give you a piece of brief information about the types of boats on sale and help you choose the right boat that suits your needs. But, if they start showing you the price tags on the first go, sail away! 

Look for someone experienced

The best way to make sure you end up in safe hands while buying a boat is to avoid staff or dealers with no boating experience. Most of them are concerned about making sales with little to no information. A dealer who boats will know exactly what you are looking for. 

Prepare the right answers

Having a clear conversation with your boat dealer helps you get the best deals. Before you decide to meet a potential dealer, make sure you prepare what to ask them. You should ask about discounts, rebates, warranty, delivery, services, etc. Moreover, do not feel shy or embarrassed to ask about offers. Consider a little bit of bargaining for a better price as well. 

Check the dealer

Think you find the one? Well, think again! Before you decide to go with this dealer, be straightforward and ask yourself uncomfortable questions. Are the staff members willing to help? Are you just a number for them? The moment walks into your dealer’s booth, observe if someone is asking how they can help you right away, look whether they are offering financing options or not. Is your answer no? Then it’s time to look for other dealers in town as well. 

Look for certification

The best way to check if your dealer isn’t another scammer is to ask for their credentials. You can search The National Manufacturers Association or NMMA to check if your dealer is certified or not. You can also look for customer reviews. Check whether their service technicians have proper training as well. 

Take it out for a drive

Think you found the right boat for you? But you are not done just yet! Make sure you take your boat out on a test drive. If your dealer is not keen on test drives, walk away. You buy what you see. 


While buying a boat, there are a lot of grey areas that many seem to avoid. However, every procedure is vital to make sure you have a long-term investment that is worth it. 

The most crucial point to remember is just to keep looking. Looking for dealerships, you will have to face many situations where you feel like just walking away! But do not discourage yourself; let the search going; the right boat dealer will surely come your way.

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