Just a Singe, if you please

Just a Singe, if you please

Aug 31, 2016, 3:09:27 PM Life and Styles

As much as I love blogging (nowadays)

I miss writing 
On a piece of paper

That scratching 

Those ink stains 

The curved lines 

From the pen 

I miss making those small slips 

To pass around in class 

The whole thing 

Was no less than an adventure 

I’ve always felt that passion 

That raging fire 

While writing something 

Deep from inside 

I still haven’t found that fire here, 

In blogging 

But then I’m comparing 6 months with almost 6 years 

I miss the paper 

The scribblings on paper

The emotions pouring and burning the paper 

It feels cold here .. 
Is virtual rambling supposed to be like this?


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Published by Priyanjali Chakraborty


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