Benefits of Workers Compensation in Alabama

Benefits of Workers Compensation in Alabama

Jan 10, 2022, 9:31:11 AM News

In Alabama, the Employees or Workers' Compensation Law obliges coverage for all non-agricultural employers with employees exactly five or more, either part-time or full-time. The law requires explicit payments of compensation to employees for employee damages that occur or ascend in the context of the employment relationship.


Let us see, what are the Alabama laws or regulations under Workers' Compensation and their potential benefits to employees.

What Are The Laws That Govern Alabama Workers Compensation?

According to the Alabama Workers Department, if you regularly hire fewer than five (5) workers, on a part-time or full-time basis. In addition, they include major drivers of a company in the context of business other than construction or manufacturing company or on-site assistance in the production department of a new single-family home, detached homes, Alabama's Compensation Act does not require you to have work-related injury insurance. Employers of local workers, farmworkers, or temporary workers, and municipalities with a population of no more than 2,000 per federal census are not obliged to provide coverage but may choose to provide coverage. Disability Insurance Act. Regardless of the number of employees in your company registered in Alabama, work injury insurance delivers the coverage needed to help workers with injury, illness, or any personal issue in the workplace. It starts from just $25 per month and may vary as per the nature of the work.

Who is eligible for workers' compensation insurance in Alabama law?

1.     Casual workers

2.     Domestic workers

3.     Farm laborers

4.     Municipalities having less than 2,000 residents 

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