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Howdy folks,

My name is Bruno and I am possessed by incurable wanderlust. You can read my personal travel blog here: BruNOMAD

galiciaI blame my parents and my upbringing for instilling this desire to constantly be on the move: visits to Switzerland and Mexico to see the extended family,  enrolling in the Boy Scouts to see much of the Continental US and Canada, military school and her many cadets from abroad all jailed together in one location (coincidentally located in the one town "visited" by aliens), growing up in a very diverse state where being bilingual is the norm, and being taught from the very beginning that the desire for knowledge is a blessing to pursue.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

This wanderlust has compelled me to once again take to the road and see what our lovely planet has to offer us. For the next several months, I will walk the many Grande Randonnée of Europe, catch a flight over to the southern hemisphere and volunteer in Chile, before ending my sojourn in Mexico to celebrate my dear sister's wedding. If I'm lucky, maybe I can visit Cuba too. It is destined to be a very busy Spring and Summer for me - I cannot wait!

Feel free to follow this blog as I trek, volunteer, celebrate, march, and travel the world.

August 2016 - Well, as you've read, the Spring and Summer adventures have come to a thrilling conclusion and I am now safely tucked away back in the US. The goal of late is to find employment in Albuquerque, NM and settle down for awhile. I've plenty of material to keep writing for you, dear reader(s), so fret you not! The blog will continue to follow my shenanigans as I make Dirty Burq my home and all the hilarity that entails.

Thanks for reading.

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