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I'm thrilled you've found me because I'll bet we're very similar. We both appreciate beautiful jewelry and we want to purchase or make items that make us stand out from the crowd. Let's face it, we love getting compliments on our unique tastes. I started making jewelry to accomplish just that but soon became so frustrated because everything looked "me too". This is why I invented The Twisted Sister Technique. This wire wrapping technique makes an amazing statement piece. I know everyone thinks their designs are unique but in the 5 years I have been designing, I have never seen any necklaces that compare to the Twisted Sister. Per so many request, The Twisted Sister Method is available for DIYers in a Beading Kit in tons of colors. I also have Chanel Inspired Kits available.

I now have hundreds of TS customers and I want you to be one too. To thank my loyal customers, I created a Twisted Sister Newsletter that is a fashion and jewelry romp! It has been so successful that I wanted to turn it into this blog so it can be shared with other Twisted Sisters. I promise after following me for awhile, you won't look at jewelry or beads the same because there is always a story. Enjoy The Twist from a Twisted Sister and please share with your friends.

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