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C&J Active is a blog site written by Chris Riches and I (Jonny Fairclough). Our main focus is based around our struggle to stay fit in a world where Chris works in an office 9-5 and needs a release from the constant pressures and stresses of modern life, while on the other hand I train to put my body through the stresses of expedition in exotic places for weeks or months on end. 

Having been at it for a few years now I've racked up a fair collection of expedition journals and it seemed a shame to leave journals full of adventures just sitting on a bookshelf collecting dust, only to be read by me on a rainy day. As such we opened a new tab on our blog site purely dedicated to traveling, exploring and adventuring; primarily written by me, but with Chris always on hand to edit or provide an inspirational line. 

We'll be releasing tales of adventure as frequently as we can. So look forward to hearing about the Scorching Desert, the Darkness of the Jungle, the vast Savannah of East Africa and the oxygen deprived heights of Nepalese Valleys.

If you want to read more from Chris and I visit our site C&J Active at  

or feel free to contact us at  

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