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Hi! I'm Coolen, a blogger and an aspiring artist. I love reading (books, magazines, blogs, any kind of reading materials as long as I'm interested in the topic), watching movies and TV shows (I love watching Scream Queens and A Night Of), playing mobile/computer games and listening to music. I also love art and history.

I have two blogs:

  • COOLEN L. - a personal blog wherein I share the things I like, my discoveries, places I visit and what I'm up to at the moment. This is like my online journal.  
  • Spell The Book - a blog wherein I post book reviews, quotations I  found in the books that I read and some reading updates. This is all about books.

As a new member of My Trending Stories Team, I 'll be sharing the book reviews I've written to begin with. Feel free to visit my blogs and check the posts that I'm sharing here. :)

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