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I am Kenneth (not Kenny) Pickernell, and I apparently blog. I live somewhere in Washington state, weather is fair sometimes. I am also 'Native American', take that as you will, just don't go around calling me chief or other such nonsense. I was born in the 90's, so probably missed out on many events that could've made some nice articles, but that is what research is for I suppose. My favorite past times... hm, walking on the beach? Sitting at the computer listening to music and crocheting? Reading through fanfics, random internet searches? Gameplay(at the age of 25, really)? I don't really know really, it just varies.

Currently I'm trying to figure out what else to add in here, so give me some time to figure this out. You can also check out my other works on my wordpress, supposedly where it all started for my blogging career or something like that.

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