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Hi everyone, 

My name is Kezia and I have a Youtube channel which if you go onto it you will understand what I love.

I also have my own blog -

If you didn't then I could tell you here I guess to get a clearer picture about who I am .. 

I love writing, I actually used to love writing fictitious stories however I never pursued a writing career. I actually followed a Psychology degree which I got and am so proud of! In fact I am currently on my second gap year which I took only because to continue onto Masters in Malta I require 2400 work hours which I am getting through these 2 gap years. So yes I am a LSA - Learning Support Assistant and am working with amazing children. However, I hope that next year I will be given the opportunity to start my Clinical Psychology Masters either in Malta or abroad. 

So you might be asking where does writing come in? Well last year I was thinking and came to the conclusion that even though the job I am doing is worthwhile I still needed something on the side to do that can keep me 'happy' if you can say. And so I decided to create a Youtube Channel and base it on makeup. Because yes besides loving psychology and the brain, I also love trying out various products and testing them out, creating makeup looks and going on makeup shopping sprees which I have to cut down on. 

And here I am a year later, with a youtube channel, a blog and even a Facebook page dedicated to this youtube channel. Even though I have a not big of a follower-ship I am still so happy by what I accomplished because I actually stuck with it. 

Anywho's so here I am over here, I will be sharing various posts either on videos I did - I will talk more in detail about the product and you may or may not to choose also to watch the video. As well, I will be posting reviews, outfits of the day and anything that I see makes a blog post!

So I hope you enjoy my writing ! 

Love Kezia

a.k.a KezziesCorner


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