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Hey folks! I'm a 23 year old lifestyle blogger and aspiring novelist who dabbles in the insurance game five days a week. 

I live in the great state of Tennessee and I really like short hikes, walks along the river, and looking at things from the top of a mountain when it's not 90 degrees down here. I would love to move further up north one day because my cold weather clothes are cute and I don't get to wear them that much. 

Listen: pumpkin flavored coffee is delicious and leggings can be pants if they're opaque. I like what I like.

My sense of humor was strongly influenced by watching way too much Gilmore Girls growing up. I try to watch other TV shows but I have a hard time keeping up to date and remembering to watch episodes, so I almost exclusively watch TV that has already aired its final season. 

I like floral patterns, stripes, and lace. I love finding fashionable and comfortable clothes. I'm new to the world of makeup, thanks to youtube. 

I love fiction books. Some of my favorite books are: Room, One Day, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter (duh), and Looking for Alaska. Teen fiction is sometimes my guilty pleasure. 

I'm also a dog person! I think that about covers it. Thanks for reading! We're glad to have you here. 


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