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Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm an artist at heart, a mother of three little ones, a wife, a blogger and a prom crasher. On the surface we may look like an ordinary suburban family who has it all together. Hang out with us for just a little bit and you’ll see we are anything but ordinary and we certainly do not have it all together. 


Check out our family journal and our entertaining original videos on our family blog at and you will see what I'm talking about. My husband and I address  things related to our dynamic family and our outlandish personalities. We also discuss issues related to my husband's amputated leg, chronic pain, alcoholism, PTSD and our marriage that has barely survived these and other obstacles.


For no other reason than to make ourselves laugh, we made a few silly videos and wrote a few blog posts. It was so freeing to let go, if even for a brief moment, of caring what other people were thinking and saying about us. So, we kept coming up with more original content. has turned into our family’s living journal. It allows us to express our off-the-wall sense of humor and quirky “no way that just happened!” stories to balance out the turmoil in our lives. Here you’ll find tidbits of motivation, common sense advice on improving physical and emotional health, spiritual development, as well as a few of my arts and crafts and creative activities we do that promote quality family time together.

*****You won’t believe what we recently posed on our Mabry Living Facebook Page!

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