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Hey I'm Monica Bains (Mo.B), 23 years young and I'm a recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton, with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I was born and raised in the Bay Area but moved to SoCal for school. I enjoy sports, nature, people, traveling, animals, education, music, and making this world a better place with one idea at a time. There is so much that I wish to accomplish in this world, but I thought I would start small and gather all of my thoughts here. In the future I would like to become an occupational therapist among a list of other things, but helping others has truly been a passion for me. So, the primary reason for my blog is to inspire others (especially my generation and the next ones), motivate them to find them selves, realize their passion, and bring out their true potential. I have always had an out of the box approach to life and I'm drawn to innovators/entrepreneurs and those that dare to be different. My goal in life is to create a life full of meaning in such a way that I'm able to give back, and leave this place a little better than how it was for me. I'm here to give advice and share my thoughts on life, especially with all the college students/grads out there.

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