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This blog is to be consumed with (NO) moderation!

 Don’t say I didn’t warn you! (OiB) will soon become your favorite desserta delicious treat to have before setting up for adventures, an energy booster to hold on or a fun reward after a long day at office.

This blog is like meeting around a sunday afternoon coffee

This blog is like meeting around a Sunday afternoon coffee

If I have to pic a dessert to compare this blog to, I would definitively say it looks like a mille feuille!

Yes! A vanilla mille-feuille to be precise, with thousand of overlapping layers, each savory to loose your own words. I will share with you many interests, all geared towards inspiration and encouragement.

I want it to be mouth-watering like a bakery store window, on a Sunday morning.  Okay, I will stop here with the food analogies; you got the picture, right?

Since you and I barely (to be soon corrected!) know each other, I suggest to start by the basic and introduce myself.

 Who I am?


  • I am the 4th of a family of 5.
  • I love lazy Sundays.
  • I always cook more than I need.
  • I am a believer that positive people attract positive people, so I see myself as a positive person.

I have been living abroad for the past 5 years. And I’ve just decided to change the path I’m currently in.  My plan is to explore what nature has best to offer when it comes to organic beauty skin and body care. I will travel to meet local producers, discover their tricks and show you that there are plenty of organic beauty tips around that you can implement yourself from home.


PS: If you want to know more about my journey so far, head to this link: About Sabrina.

 Why this blog?

Organic is is an unconventional route to decode through traveling the power of Nature: 

 For our soul.

 For our skin.

 For our body.

The benefits are as wild as abundant, as fascinating as ordinary. It is an endless voyage of discoveries, lessons & stories. I will share them with you. I will become your storyteller, and you my favorite confident.

My mission is to walk around the world, and expose myself to nature at it best. I hope to dissect with you the significance of a no man-made alternatives, putting aside artificial technology (or the non-essential ones).

 In summary:

Having been living in Asia for the past 3 years, I now share with you my DIY homemade organic beauty tips to get a healthier lifestyle.

We all have stories that are beautiful, unique, and worth telling–it would be my joy to have you following along with mine!

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