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Things I like include: tea, iced coffee, cheesecake, park swings, Sunday aftenoon movies, my cats, sunny days, rainy days, creativity, doing what I want when I want how I want, music, driving aimlessly, long train journeys, old bookshops, showers, photographs, wall art, chic stationery, finding a great bargain, books, scented candles, newborn babies, blogging, theme parks, donating money to causes anonymously, ticking things off lists, old Disney films, girly things, husky voices, playing with make-up. And politics. 

Things I don't like: rudeness, lack of punctuality, people who don't respond to emails, drivers who don't indicate, people who expect others to carry the slack of a team project, too-hot days, being too far from my mum, disorganised spaces, homes with no books.