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Where to start huh? Gotta get you through 19 years of my mundane life without boring you too much.

Rhiannon. 19. Bit of an idiot. That’s all you need to know.

When I say bit of an idiot I mean I lack any form of common sense, I break my phone far too frequently (sorry  Dad), and in general I’m just a wee bit of a liability. However all that aside I do have a few things going for me. I am very lucky to be skilled in the art of sarcasm (Chandler Bing is in fact my idol), I have an awesome bitchy resting face (which according to my loving sis is also wonky) and I guess I’m above average at Maths. Who isn’t jealous of me? Oooh and I forgot to mention I like to be called Nanny. Yes like your Grandma. But no I am not 80. Best just to go with it and not to ask too many questions.

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