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RunningchangesU – A running community.

Hi there! My name is Brian and I have been running for 8 years and counting! I fell in love with running kind of by accident…actually no it was not love really. I tolerated running, and then I sort of enjoyed it, and then I loved it.
After a few 5k’s, 5 milers and half marathons, I have really incorporated running into my lifestyle. I am currently working on getting my certification to become a running coach. Inspiring others and helping them achieve their goals is what drove me to create RunningchangesU. Creating a conversational running community by a typical runner, for a typical runner. I have a day job, social life, and many other tasks that we all face on the day to day. Running is what helps me hold all of those together and stay focused and motivated. I plan on running the Philadelphia Marathon in 2017, so be on the lookout for me at that starting line!!
Let’s change together, let’s run together.

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