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Hey, my name is Shelly and I'm a single parent, a go getter, a survivor, a writer and passionate for all things that involve communication and expression.

I have been a single parent for over 13 years. I have a beautiful teenage son who is the love and light of my life. I’m also a mama to a beautiful furbaby called Rosie. I always endeavour to create a healthy and happy environment for all of us. I do however, slip up at times and find myself banging my head out of frustration and stress…I feel I am not alone!

I began this blog as part of a university assignment and from then on things began to flow. I graduated a few years ago and began to breathe again after juggling studying, working, and being a single parent. During my journey, I have encountered many challenges and continue to do so, I have struggled to find the information and support I need on various topics such as single parenting, being a woman and existing within our society.  

I will reflect on my experiences to improve my life through study, work, out of work, heart ache, loss, love and lots more. It is my vision to supply information on being a single parent through my eyes and life with a smile, perhaps a tear and a laugh along the way.

I have a blog called Solotalk and invite you to follow me. Through SoloTalk, I am the voice for many similar to myself. 

Love and Light

Shelly 🙂 xo

You are never fully dressed unless you wear a smile...

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