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So let us ask you guys a question...

What happens when you have two Asians and a Black guy in a room? Don't know? Give up? Our blog is what happens! Bringing their clearly talented and insightful minds together, these three idiots collect their brightest (?) thoughts and ideas into words for the world to read and who knows, you may learn something on the way....

So who are these three idiots then?


One of the few Asians in this world to fail maths, but tries to makes up for it with his writing skills and a ‘promising career’ as a gardener (Landscape Architect).


A wannabe motivational speaker and entrepreneur hailing from the Netherlands, who loves nothing more than to talk to you about the endless podcasts he listens to and why his life is apparently 'bettered' by it.


A scottish born Chinese guy that consumes football knowledge on the daily, obviously an addict. Self-ego-inflated ‘expert’ on football that definitely does not hold grudges. But, most certainly will make sure you land in his black book.

Passionate about football, entertainment, travelling and self-improvement, we aim to bring our opinions and thoughts on these topics that hopefully will be beneficial to whoever reads them and gain a new perspective.

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