Verify And Secure Warehouse Receipts

Verify And Secure Warehouse Receipts

Jul 28, 2021, 9:09:52 AM Tech and Science

To begin with, regular bank financing considers credit analysis an imperative part of it. Both bankers and lenders have to depend on certain credentials while performing any sort of credit analysis. This way, they can prove the claims that are made by its main entity who has been examined. Say for example, the banker will only rely upon warehouse receipts for authenticating the inventory. This inventory contained all the raw materials and finished products. Plus, crucial details will be included along with such as quantity, product and grade etc.

QR Code Banking is the only way

Providing the aforesaid details is important as the valuation of the inventory will decide the collateral. This asset is basically available as a security for sponsoring the borrower effectively. So, the higher value of the inventory implies more safety in terms of lending the same loan amount. Hence, to do the number crunching effectively, you must have correct and verifiable details. Today’s post will focus on the importance of QR code banking and how we at ProofEasy can help you with that.

The growing concern of commodities fraud

Read this headline ‘Forged Warehouse Receipts Renew Worries of Commodities Fraud’. Now, you can presume that something similar is happening globally at a frequent pace. This kind of tampering or faking of documents and receipts are mostly intentional. This hassle makes it tough to verify and substantiate the important data. However, if the underlying data are suspicious, then using the high-end data analysis tools is of no use.

Trust effective QR code solutions

It’s a fact that technology is developing at a rapid pace. So, proper security and authenticity can be ensured. All you need to do is to get in touch with us at ProofEasy. We provide good-quality QR code payment security solutions. Once you contact us, our team of QR code specialists will help you create a highly secure QR code. This QR code will be generated while the final receipt or document is produced. Subsequently, this document is digitally signed by the organization issuing it. This organization can be the approved supplier, valuer or auditor etc.

Inclusion of all the necessary details

The aforesaid QR code basically contains all the necessary details. These details will be included only after they are stored within the secure QR code. Our technology ensures a great deal of security in line with the present generation. Let’s take a look at the prominent example given below.

·        Customer’s Name: Mr. Gordan Smith          

·        Good Arrived On: 16.11.2009

·        File No: 128

·        Storage Place: Vault 3

·        Marks: 128 525

·        Packing: 1 Box

·        Containing: Gold Bars 116 X 100G 999.9

All the crucial pieces of information given above are an instance of a highly secure warehouse receipt. Along with, the verification results have been given too which are authentic as well. At ProofEasy, we provide top-quality QR code payment system solutions to a wide range of customers. By availing our QR code solutions, you too can authenticate and secure the documents of your customers effectively.

The ultimate procedure

Finally, all the relevant data can be cross-checked by any third-party followed by the signature of the issuer. The third-party can include the bank itself. After that these bits of information will be assured as flawless. Subsequently, these data can be used in the calculation and analysis altogether. In short, this kind of method can be an extremely easy and straightforward solution. This way all the documents of your clients can be proven as trustworthy and executable too. We at ProofEasy must be your one-stop solution when it comes to providing impeccable QR code solutions.

Why choose ProofEasy?

Some of the reasons for which customers rely on our services to create QR code for bank account are:

·        We provide completely affordable services

·        Our QR code specialists use only the most high-end tools and technologies

·        We provide QR code solutions for all types of financial institutions and

·        Our services are versatile enough to accept payments in any possible form

So, hurry! Get in touch with us for the best QR code payment security solutions to authenticate and secure your clients’ documents perfectly.

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