She had let them in.

But everyone eventually left.

And as she watched them leave,

She felt a sharp pain pierce her heart.

She had felt this before

Only this time,

It plunged deeper.


She tried to stop the pain

But she only felt it more.

She wanted the pain to stop.

So she resorted to being alone.

She let no one in.

Telling them the basics was enough.

It was a lonely path.

But one she definitely considered safer.


Then he came.

And he was uncommon.


She was curious

What made him so different?

She wanted to know more…

But that would involve a two-way journey,

And she would have to eventually let him in.

She remembered the piercing pain.



She was not ready for this,

So she kept running.

But he followed.

He sought her.


She battled with letting him in.

She was afraid that he would leave.

Just like everyone else.

And she would once again be distraught.



He slowly showed her that if she let him in

Her heart would still be safe

Because he wanted to stay.

At her best times

But more so,

At her worst.


So slowly,

She let him in.


That he would be the one to climb the mountain

The mountain that she had become;

A guarded heart,

Occasionally flashing glimmers of hope.


‘Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life’

Psalm 23:6a - The Message

Published by Purity Maritim

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