Did Ruth Actually "Wait" for Boaz?

Did Ruth Actually "Wait" for Boaz?

Sep 27, 2017, 1:13:27 PM Opinion

I’m waiting for my Boaz.

The above statement is proudly proclaimed by single christian women.  They make this statement as a declaration that they will wait for the man whom God has created to propose to and marry them.  But did Ruth actually wait for Boaz?

The story of Ruth can be found in the Bible, in a book named after this hardworking and virtuous woman.  Boaz, a distant relative of her deceased husband, is the man she eventually married and later Ruth gave birth to Obed, the grandfather of King David.  But did Ruth “wait” for Boaz to propose to her?  Who actually proposed to whom?

This leads to the question, “Is it okay for a woman to propose to a man?”  Currently, this has become a popular question as we see more women actually proposing to men.  I’ve read comments from persons who agreed and those who disagreed.

On one hand, those who agree with a woman proposing say that they see nothing wrong and that the woman has a right to do it.  On the other hand, the opposition says its not right, and that it goes against God’s order.  Others go further to say that its a sign that the woman is desperate and that she is emasculating the man.  I recently read an article where the author, stated her opinion while attempted to use scripture to give 6 Reasons Godly Women Should Not Propose to a Man.

What do I believe?

While I agree with the author’s statements that marriage is God’s idea and that marriage models the Kingdom of God.  I cannot agree that because a woman may propose to a man then all of a sudden, the man and the woman will no longer understand their biblical roles as husband/wife.  Yes, at times women take the authority from and emasculate their husbands, but that happens even in marriages where the men proposed.

Overall, I believe we should leave people alone.  If you do not like women proposing to men, then don’t do it.  But, do not force your ideas about it on other couples.  So, you think it emasculates the man?  Fine, that’s your opinion.  What if the man being proposed to doesn’t see it that way?

The author, of the article mentioned above, stated that, “…in scripture, EVERY single time people got married, a man was sent to a woman’s family, asked for her, took her to his family, and there he cared for her and they worked together to be fruitful and multiply and advance the kingdom of God.”  In addition, those who disapprove of the practice of women proposing may say that the Bible does not speak about it.

But is that true?  Every single time person got married in the Bible, the men proposed? Did a woman ever propose to a man in the Bible?  Does the bible actually speak about it?  Read the book of Ruth, specifically chapter 3, with much needed understanding. (See you next week, same time and place for the follow-up article on this topic).


Overall, I believe we should leave people alone.

Written by: Klasik Krys

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