What is Led wall and what are used for?

What is Led wall and what are used for?

Sep 1, 2021, 9:40:08 AM Business

Among the many types of displays in the led display market, direct view LED video wall technology is becoming more and more popular throughout all industries including retail, hospitality, educational facilities, sports venues, casinos, museums, hospitals, tradeshows and entertainment establishments. A lot of companies are selecting LED video wall technology for signs, architectural displays, visual merchandising, and entertainment due to their slim profile, high brightness, long-lasting LED chips, optimized color gamut performance, superior contrast ratio for deep blacks that are free from the color floating seen in conventional projection systems.

Direct view LED is a type of a video wall technology that is also referred to as a digital signage application. It requires the use of independent LED modules with each module being set to display a single graphic or text-based content from the media servers. These modules are connected in a way that their display elements function in one whole space, providing for an optimal viewing experience.

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There are several models of LED video walls available in the market, that have different technical characteristics depending on IP protection degree (from 30 to 68), brightness (from 600 to 15,000 NIT), consumption (from 300 to 1000 W / m2), type of LED (SMD or DIP) and its size (from 1010 to 3535), refresh rate (from 1920 to over 3840 hZ), access for maintenance (front and / or rear) as well as the pixel pitch (from 0.7 to 50 mm) and overall size (standard or customizable). In order to select the right LED video wall model, you must rely on a specialized and experienced supplier, such as Pyrotech India, able to support the customer in the most appropriate choice from a technical and commercial point of view, as the price varies a lot depending on the technical features and these depend a lot on the location where you want to install and on the communication needs.

LED video walls are widely used in public places to display videos, slogans, advertising or any other content. They also serve in professional contexts, always offering the possibility to disseminate information in a dynamic way. Let's see how they work! The fundamental characteristic of any LED wall is its matrix. This is the pattern formed by the pixels (lights). Although there are arrangements (technically called pattern types) that allow pixels to turn on or off individually, more frequently slots are defined to which the pixels change their color depending on what has to be shown. Depending on the size of the LED wall and on its design.

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