Factors that determine an SEO friendly content

Factors that determine an SEO friendly content

Aug 1, 2019, 9:03:04 PM Tech and Science

There was a time when Google was still in the process of its inception and at that time Website, developers would create a website and put content on it without giving any thoughts about ranking and optimization, simple days and simpler times.

Well, things have evolved quite a lot. Now it is not ok to create a website and put on anything you feel like, you have to get your website ranked and your web content fully optimized. In order for your content to be considered by Google, it has to be quality, relevant and most importantly SEO friendly. And how do you get SEO friendly content?

There are certain steps SEO experts will tell you to follow so your website content is deemed SEO friendly and you can rank higher on Google SERPs.

Keywords are the Key

The first step towards an SEO friendly content is the research required to identify the most relevant and worthy keywords for your content. The research usually includes search terms and keyword phrases which people use to search a certain service, product or a piece of information.

In order for your content to make an impression, you need to integrate single keywords and long-tailed keywords in your content without hurting its quality. Find keywords with higher volume and add them in your content properly to complete the first step of making your content SEO friendly.

Search for keywords in your competitor's arena

It has always been a practice of SEO experts to conduct a proper competitor analysis when it comes to creating your website content. When you are dealing in a certain industry, there are other businesses competing against you. It is better to keep track of what your competitors are doing and on what keywords they are working on to drive website traffic.

Instead of just adding whatever keyword looks relevant you have to find search queries which have more competition on them. This will allow you to tap into a bigger market, you can use the quality of your content to bring that traffic to your website too.

The importance of Headings and Metas and URL

There are many other and important ways to utilize keywords to increase the SEO friendliness of your content. The use H1, H2, H3 and H4 headings play a big part in your ranking. H1 headings and tags include your targeted keywords and tell Google what the content is all about. Using keywords in H1 tags is considered a very effective strategy. Similarly, H3 tag is a subheading of H2 tag just like H2 is the subheading of H1, using similar keywords in subheading will allow search engines to pick up the keywords from there and recognize them important for you.

The Other steps which you should think before editing the content on a web page are

  • Make sure you choose a perfect and attractive title for your content with a keyword substituted properly.
  • Try to use headings and h2 and h3 tags.
  • It will be amazing if you put up an SEO friendly URL with a keyword.
  • It is also essential that your content is mobile optimized too

Relevance, Information, and engagement

Lastly, the most important part of creating SEO friendly content is that your content is understandable, relevant to the keywords used in them and it actually engages the users rather than boring them..

You can surely make your content engaging even with keywords, you need to place keywords such that the reader cannot identify it as a keyword. Certain tips to make content engaging is by adding relevant information, then the use of statistics and facts always interested users and you can always add some infographics for better understanding.

What you must not do is overuse keywords in your content, it will hurt your rankings rather than benefit you. Keyword stuffing gets punished by Google and it never seems professional

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