Halloween contact lenses, safety tips

Halloween contact lenses, safety tips

Aug 16, 2019, 5:37:35 PM Life and Styles

Halloween is creeping up with every passing day, and you’ll be dressing up in scary style to terrify your peers. You must be on the lookout for the scariest costume you could find and the right contact lenses to go with your dress.

We know that you cannot have a great Halloween when your Halloween eye contacts do not complement your scary costume, one error can make everything go wrong. But when you are on the lookout for the right contact lenses you first need to give proper thought to buying eye contacts which will not harm the health of your eyes. There have been a number of cases with individuals where eye contacts have caused damage to the eyes

 So, we thought we’d take the time to offer some helpful advice on how to avoid any eye scares and keep the horror stories at bay this year.

Halloween is one of the year’s most awaited popular holidays and allows you to enjoy rather spooky festivities this holiday has to offer, whether it is a trick-or-treating or ghost-themed party at your friend's house you need to get the right attire to look the part on a terrifying night. Selecting your Halloween costume is one of the most vital things, as you’ll want your ghost, zombie, ghoul, or vampire to really cause some chills. All this is wonderful, but if you are not careful about your health just because it is "once a year, Halloween" you might have to suffer the scares after Halloween, and believe us you do not want that.

Eye make-up

Most costumes in Halloween need a facial overdo to work, whether it is facing makeup, glitter or some paint you have to make sure you keep it away from your eyes. And, If you opt for eye make-up, you’ll need to be extra careful and avoid getting anything into your eyes. Any eye makeup product such as glitter, eyelashes mascara and other products made for use near to the eye, should be applied cautiously if you are wearing eye contacts.

If eye make up is a must to make your costume work then choose products which are specially designed for eyewear and contact lenses, never go for make do products.
And, it’s always important to remember to put your Halloween eye contacts in before you start on your facial makeover. 


Halloween-themed contact lenses

Getting inventive with your Halloween costumes and facial and eye makeup is not new, in fact individuals are coming with more innovations. Coloured or opaque contact lenses are just one of the number of trendy accessories that are popular among people, and you cannot argue the fact that they provide a flashy look and rather scary when it comes to Halloween. 

 Because of the increase in demand of coloured and Halloween themed lenses, there are a number of cheap and low quality coloured and Halloween themed lenses on the market. These contact lenses have proven quite dangerous to the eye health of those wearing them, many affected have complained about itchiness, irritation and in worse cases, people have been diagnosed with eye infections. There are many UK retailers selling poor quality eye contact lenses at affordable prices to the masses. Yes, they are cheap, affordable and make your Halloween worthwhile, but you cannot go out and ruin you eye health because the contacts looked great and were cheap. You have to be mindful of the quality of the eye contacts and most importantly your health.
That’s why at Colour Your Eyes, we proudly sell only the genuine, branded and safe Halloween contact lenses, to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide our customers with. We have a great variety of selection of coloured contact lenses offering everything you might want to add some extra spookiness to your Halloween costume. 

If you are wearing a contact lens for the first time, then it would be mature and intelligent of you to speak to your optician before you buy contact lenses of any kind. This way, you’ll know the right prescription for your eyes and the correct contact lens requirements, as well as if your eyes are suited to wearing lenses, your optician will be able to tell that with your medical history.


Remember to remove your lenses

Halloween is celebrated till late night and if you are taking part in all the fun then probably you are getting into bed quite late and very jet-lagged. Do remember to take off your lenses before you lie down, leaving contact lenses on while sleeping can have some ramifications unless you are wearing extended eye contacts. Leaving them on while sleeping can result in your eyes feeling dry and itchy the next day, while there is an increased risk of infection

If you are on the lookout for quality Halloween contact lenses then you can visit here: https://mesmereyez.com.au. Make sure to have a fun Halloween but most importantly a safe one.  

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