You want to impress your friends by having knowledge of bowling and the information about all the necessary bowling equipment? Well don’t you worry! We have you covered! In our article today we are going to list down the 7 must have items you need when you go bowling

Once you have you very own pair of good shoes for bowling, your favorite bowling bowl and the best bowling bag here are the rest of the necessary items that you need to add to your list.

Finger Tapes

A handy bowling necessity; bowling tape is essential when you feel like your fingers might be shrinking due to your season or when you feel like your grip on your bowling bowl might be becoming weak or slippery.

Finger tapes not only help protect your fingers from the friction that comes from holding the bowling ball but it also help prevent skin irritations and other skin issues like blisters or scratches.

Bowling Towel

In the duration of your bowling game, your bowling ball will spend a lot of time skidding in the oil while striking. If that buildup of oil isn’t cleaned up from time to time it will cause you, your game. So it’s essential that you have your bowling towel handy to help clean up the oil and keep your bowling ball in perfect condition.

Shoe Covers

Invested in a pair of good shoes of bowling? And you want to protect them and make them last longer? Then bowling shoe covers are just the thing for you. Although they might look funny but trust us they are totally worth it. Especially when you go to take a bathroom break and want to avoid spoiling your shoes by stepping into something nasty. Or if you need to go outside for a breath of air or take a smoke break, shoe covers will help prevent you from bringing inside any mud or debris into the bowling alley.

Slide Powder

It is the dream of every bowler to have the best slide. Henceforth Slide Powder is another essential item you don’t want to miss on. To help your bowling shoes slip more, apply a small amount of Slide Powder to the sole and heels of your bowling shoes. Not only will slide powder help you slide more but it will also help increase the durability of your favorite pair of bowling shoes. It is advisable that you use the bare minimum amount of slide powder. Additionally you can also use slide powder to make your hold on your bowling bowl more comfortable especially when you are handling a brand new bowling ball.  

Bowling Wrist Support Guard

Perhaps one of the most crucial bowling equipment; bowling wrist support guard is a must have especially with the more frequent bowling players. It helps provide support and stop the back of your bowling hand from slanting or collapsing at the time when you let go of the ball. Lengthy periods of bowling can cause a toll on your wrist, making you tired hence compromising with your bowling and aim. Using a bowling wrist support will assist you in making sure your wrist stays in the proper position and doesn’t slip easily.

Rosin Bag

Much like your bowling ball, your hands can also pick up oil. Especially when you pick up your bowling ball. Furthermore your hands can become sweaty as well. Having a rosin bag close by will help you fight against any moisture or oil on your hands and fingers.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

At the end of your bowling sessions you would want to slather your favorite bowling ball with some sort of bowling ball cleaner or conditioner. Make sure the oil and dirt doesn’t sit too long on your bowling bowl. This will decrease its life as well as compromise on your bowling skills. Investing in a proper cleaner will help you keep your bowling ball in prime condition for longer than expected.


Some of the other items to keep on handy while you go bowling can be a notebook and pencil; to help keep track of your scores or jot down some other information, Shoe pad brush to help keep your bowling shoes clean, Band aids in case of any blistering or scratches on your fingers. But keep in mind that every bowlers list can be different and you can customize your list according to your needs.

There you have it! Our top 7 picks for the must have items that you need to have when you go bowling. And now that you have the basic essentials needed for bowling, what are you waiting for? Grab your bowling bag and hit the alley!

Published by Qais Ahmadi


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