Joha rice online | organic Joha rice for sale

Joha rice online | organic Joha rice for sale

The aromatic rice, popularly called as Joha, is an exclusive type of Sali rice native to India's northeastern regions. Winter rice, Jaha rice, and mi Jaha are all names for Joha rice. It also enjoys the privilege of being declared as a Geographical Indication (GI) in Assam. Joha rice holds a distinct place among all varieties of rice because of its natural aroma, and it is highly recognised for its aroma, essence, and exceptional taste. When compared to the famous basmati rice, another form of fragrant rice, the distinct perfume of Joha rice is defined as 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, which is completely different.

After three weeks of flooding in August 2020, this distinct species of red rice has been proved to be resourceful. The environmentalists and agricultural experts have taken an interest in this. Several studies and studies of this unique red bran rice species for its flood tolerance have been launched.

Demand for ethnic rice has recently increased, especially for its medicinal value and its use in ayurvedic medicines, such as Raktashali. In the current efforts to popularise rice with more than 200 different types of rice, several variants have been revived.


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