To Protect Families from Suspicious Tap Water: New Technology Just Established to Bring You Safer Drinking Water

To Protect Families from Suspicious Tap Water: New Technology Just Established to Bring You Safer Drinking Water

Recent study from the Environmental Working Group has found that two-thirds of Americans across 50 states are consuming tap water that contains chromium-6, a cancer causing chemical brought to the public’s attention by Erin Brockovich, an environmental activist, 23 years ago. Once again, this raises the question: is our tap water safe and clean enough to drink? While we can easily tell whether a box of milk is fresh or not from its smell, there is yet a solution for households to know the quality of odorless and tasteless tap water. But now, the Silicon Valley based technology startup Ecomo, is bringing us the first full-stack solution to safer water drinking, helping families drink safely and smartly.


The Ecomo Bottle has a 3-in-1 filtration system that contains activated carbon fiber, ion exchange fiber, and nano-fiber membrane. While currently available water filters have very limited capacity in filtering out bacteria or heavy metals, Ecomo can remove both of them as well as most major contaminants in the water such as pesticides and petroleum products -- all with a single twist of the base.

“Usually, conventional water filtration pitchers can remind you when to change the filter. But one simple filtration does not mean the water is ready to serve. Some harmful chemicals or bacterias cannot be easily removed,” said Eric Li, CEO of Ecomo. Despite all kinds of water filtering pitchers, dispensers, faucets and other equipments working to provide cleaned tap water, there is still a gap between trying to drink healthily and whether we really know if the water is safe to take.


“Confronting the serious pollution globally, it becomes more and more important to understand what exactly we drink and take actions to prevent unsafe water,” Li explained, “that was why we developed the world’s first water bottle that not only filters but also analyzes the water we drink.” With a simple shake of the bottle, Ecomo analyzes turbidity, total dissolved solids, and total organic carbon in 3 seconds. Users now can easily view their own water safety levels either on the water bottle’s LED screen or the Ecomo app.


The bottle is also connected to a real-time personal activity data smart band, the Ecomo Tracker. Individuals can customize their daily hydration goals, check their hydration history, sync and receive automated hydration alerts via this Ecomo Tracker and the Ecomo mobile app. In addition, users may choose to share their water analysis history to help build Ecomo’s water quality data map and contribute to the public health and environment.


“With its advanced water testing and filtering system, as well as its personal hydration management, Ecomo is designed to offer the first comprehensive solution for individuals to stay hydrated with safe and clean water wherever they are,” Li added.


The Ecomo Bottle can now be pre-ordered on Kickstarter. To learn more, please visit here.


About Ecomo

Ecomo is a technology startup working to provide the first smart bottle that can tell you what's in your water and then transforms it into a perfectly clean, safe, and refreshing drink. The company vision is to digitize the healthy living by using its sensing technology, mobile internet, and big data. Ecomo was founded in 2014 by Eric Li, who holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and has been studying environmental technologies for over 10 years. Ecomo holds two utility patents and two design patents for the current product. Recently, the startup has successfully closed its seed round for $1 million from a group of investment funds and angel investors. Ecomo will continuously leverage and develop their technologies to expand its product lines to meet consumer needs. More information on Ecomo can be found at


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