A week of adventures

When I take photos, I portray my version of reality in a certain way. I assume most creators do this, it’s a form of art. Those moments I capture are as real as they can be and they tell a story, saviour something that will soon become a memory. The sun glistening on a soft layer of snow, the setting sun falling behind tall mountains, vibrant trees… They are all there and real. Our adventures are real, and they are beyond wonderful. Sometimes they take my breath away and make me wonder how I could possibly be so lucky to experience these amazing moments. It is a great life we lead in the precious time we spend adventuring. But that is not my life, it is much more complex than that. As much as I wish I could hike for four hours every single day, it is not my reality. I experience every single sunset I capture and marvel at its beauty, but I could only dream of watching the sun explode in my favourite colours every day. The truth is that I can’t.

I made the choice to spend a week adventuring, and there for abandoning most of my responsibilities. It was one of the best weeks of my life, but it was also one of the worst decisions I have ever made. The consequences have caught up with me. At the time, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. I walked further than ever before, heard the wind roar from new heights. I ran across a frozen lake with the sun shining and the world smiling down at us. I danced underneath the northern lights and stood underneath the starry night sky for what seemed like hours. I was alive, and happy, and free. However, that freedom came with a price I still haven’t recovered from. It was worth it, I suppose, but it has taught me an important lesson. I was trying to live a life that wasn’t mine, caught up in a quest for freedom, for adventure. I thought I was wandering, becoming a full time adventurer. I was one with nature, and that is one of the best feelings to achieve. I was also living an illusion many of us create, intentionally or not, portraying my daily life to be a continuity of breath-taking moments and glorious experiences. In reality I was running, and in the end I learned I couldn’t outrun myself. I will always be an adventurer, and I will always find freedom in running underneath the northern lights dancing proudly in the sky. I will probably always be filled to the brim with wanderlust, but real life must find a comfortable place amongst it. So while I spend the next few days, maybe even weeks, cherishing memories and daydreaming, I will try to play my part elsewhere to. 

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