When I first held Dorian, everything was new and exciting. It still is, in a way, but back then we met each other for the first time. Neither of us where sure what relationship we would have or how we could get along. At that point, I had no idea it was possible to love anything this much, and to be loved so strongly in return. It was a wonderful beginning, and our journey has never stopped being amazing.

Sometimes I look at Dorian and feel all my emotions gather up and explode at once, and all I feel is love and fondness. When he looks at me in a crowd like I am his universe, I feel so incredibly lucky to have this kind of devotion. But it's a big responsibility. As I've moved out, I realized how dependent Dorian is of me. I mean, I've always know that I feed, walk and care for him, but this goes much deeper than that. He exists to be with me. His entire day revolves around me. Not always directly, because when he meets other people or can play with dogs he is over the moon with joy. But he relies on me to take him there, and he knows that. He will sit by the door and patiently wait for me to take him out, never breaking eye contact. He isn't whining for it. He is asking a careful question and leaving it lingering in the air, letting me decide whether I wish to take him up on it.

When he is home alone, he sits and waits for me. He will sleep at times, but is up as soon as he hears a sound. And then he looks around, peaking those ears, trying to locate a sound that might come from me. When I come home, he greets me like he could not imagine a happier moment than that. Even if I've just been to get the mail and stopped to talk to a neighbour for 15 minutes. Somehow, the joy of seeing me beats the joy of running free. Don't get me wrong, he loves running, but never without keeping one of those large ears turned towards me. He might not always listen when I call him, and he will get distracted, but he needs to know him there. When he doesn't listen when called and I hide, there is a switch that turns on in him. He is alert and awake, ready to take action. He is beautiful like that, with his full devotion turned towards me. It's a beautiful thing, having the love of a dog. But it shouldn't be looked upon easily. So much love and fondness coming from an animal that asks for so little in return is a blessing. These dogs we love so much might annoy us at times, or be naughty and do silly things, but that's part of it. Their devotion too us makes it all worth it.

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