7 Reasons why Dumbledore's wisdom crosses the wizard-muggle divide

7 Reasons why Dumbledore's wisdom crosses the wizard-muggle divide

Yes it's true Fantastic Beasts has re-awoken the Potterhead in me and it's exciting to have theories about what is going to happen and how this film connects to everything that we learnt in the original series. However, I will keep these to myself for now because, you know, spoilers and everything.

Instead I thought I'd write about the greatest wizard of all time.

Yes, I know that could be debated but in case you hadn't guessed from the title I'm talking about Dumbledore. Throughout the series Dumbledore has this knack for just sliding some small piece of advice wrapped up in a few slightly cryptic words that somehow still make complete sense a that particular point in the book (or film) AND transcends the wizard-muggle divide to have some meaning over here in the muggle word too. J.K. Rowling you are a genius.


Here are my favourite times that this happens and why I love them so much...



Because every now and then we all need to be reminded to live in the present and forget about what could have been or even what could be. You never know what is around the corner.



Just another little Dumbledore gem that lets you know that it's OK to be not OK. As a 'children's' book series (because lets face it it is beloved by adults as well) quotes like these act almost as your very own life advice centre. I mean if the 'chosen one' is struggling to cope with what life throws at you then you can suddenly feel a whole lot less on your own about your own situation. This goes for adults as much for kids and especially for that time in between the two.



I love how the whole series encompasses this quote, I mean if Voldemort had decided that Neville was the boy that the prophecy had talked about rather than Harry the whole series could have been a totally different. However this rings true in the muggle world as well, for instance you could be super clever but if you choose to be lazy you're not going to do any of the amazing things you are capable of. Or for example if Usain Bolt had decided that he wasn't going to train as hard as he does we wouldn't have the icon we have today. How about choosing to walk away from a fight or making that decision to get out of bed in the morning and not let the world keep you down?



This is one of the few Dumbledore quotes that I got straight away. Most of them are thinkers, ideas that you mull over or don't fully understand until you re-read the books at a later date. This one however, this one helps me understand why the world is like it is. Unfortunately most leaders of the world are there because they sought power. There are a few that have reluctantly taken up the mantle and as Dumbledore so elegantly said have found that they wear it well. I can think of 2 such examples, the first is sadly no longer with us and is of course Nelson Mandela. His goal was never to become the President of south Africa yet he ended up there anyway and did a pretty amazing job both for his country and world relations. The 2nd is the Queen. She only became Queen because her Uncle abdicated the throne and shifted the line of succession her way but Britain's longest reigning Monarch has kept the monarchy relevant and beloved and although she technically doesn't wield any power her influence can reach places that those who sought power cannot reach.



Because the right thing to do is usually not the easy option.



Yes Dumbledore is this wise old wizard who seems to know everything about everything but every now and again he shows us that there is far more to him than we first thought. Sometimes it will be in the non-sense that he adds to the end of his speeches in the Great Hall, sometimes it's when he reveals bits about him such as his love for Knitting patterns and sometimes he shows us that he loves an adventure as much as the next person (which in this case is Harry so he probably loves them!)



Spoken in Prisoner of Azkaban, the book that introduces us to dementors a.k.a. J.K Rowling's manifestation of depression I always really liked this line for its imagery. However, I don't think it was until I went through some serious dark times recently that I really understood what Rowling was trying to say through Dumbledore. Only sometimes the light isn't strong enough to keep the darkness at bay completely but the more it is turned on the lighter everything becomes.


So there you have it, my all time favourite Dumbledore quotes. Are yours the same or perhaps you prefer a few from some other Potter characters? All I know is that I am feeling the need to immerse myself further in the Potterverse right now!

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