Becoming the boss of my life

Becoming the boss of my life

Every young girl dreams of her wedding day. She imagines what her dress is going to look like, the color of the bridesmaid dresses, even the decor and what colors will fill the venue.

As you get older you start to get serious about committing and every guy you date is your potential future husband. You meet his family and start thinking things like "can I deal with these people for the rest of my life?" "Do I really have to make his sister one of my bridesmaids?" By your late twenties your panicking and finally meet someone that is decent enough for you to settle down with. All your friends are getting married and asking you to be a bridesmaid and you start to wonder when you will be finally be the bride.

Meanwhile I'm over here wondering why I am always the assistant and never the boss.

I guess you can say I am not a traditional woman when it comes to these things. I am in my late twenties and all my friends are getting married and starting families. While all my friends were dreaming about their future weddings with their husbands, I was dreaming about what the decor would be like in my future corner office. I was dreaming about running my own business, helping people and making some money while I do it. After I build my own empire and I am financially independent, then I'll start thinking about marriage and kids.

After I graduated college, I started on the traditional path of finding a job. I worked for many different companies in many different positions but none of them felt like the right fit.

I don't want to settle and be an assistant, I want to be a boss. It's not about just becoming the boss of my career, it's about becoming the boss of my entire life. I want to start making my own decisions about my life and stop letting other people make decisions.

"Stop being the assistant of your life and letting people tell you how to live it, start being the boss and making your own decisions on how to live your life."

I hope to create a brand that inspires people to live their best life possible. 

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Published by Rachel Giroux


Sep 5, 2016, 8:47:44 PM

Thanks for the comment! Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this journey is normal. 😃

Sep 3, 2016, 11:00:03 PM

Cool :) Nice post and good luck with you becoming the boss I hope you succeed! Your dream seems very normal to me.

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