Rape Culture and other things that piss me off about society

It seems like you can't turn on the news today without hearing about another woman who was raped or sexually assaulted and how the justice system continues to fail them and I'm pissed the fuck off about it. It seems like our society wants to teach women how to not get raped instead of teaching men not to rape and we need change.

The sad thing is it's  hard to trust the system when you hear stories like Brock Turner from Stanford getting a slap on the wrist for raping a young woman behind a dumpster when she was unconscious (don't even get me started on his pathetic father's letter about how hard his sons life is now because of 20 min of action) , and the Vanderbilt rape case where a group of football players decided to bring an unconscious girl up to there dorm room, rape her and video tape it. There was a mistrial the first time around so they had to wait to go to retrial leaving both of these victims with absolutely no closure.  Brock Turner recently got out of jail on "good behaivor" and only served 3 out of the 6 months he was sentenced.  The media headlines read "Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner out of jail" when really they should read "Stanford RAPIST Brock Turner out of jail."  It makes my blood boil reading about him and I hope one day karma bites him in the ass.  These 2 cases alone are the perfect example of how this society doesn't put enough punishment on the rapist and blames the victims for getting too drunk or putting themselves in a bad situation.

I remember being in college. I remember making some pretty bad decisions when it came to alcohol and drugs. Not one time during my 4 years in college did I ever wake up from a night of partying and say to myself "I don't remember a lot of last night but if I was sexually assaulted or raped, I put that on myself because I shouldn't of drank so much or I probably should've worn something less revealing."

I don't give a fuck what you're wearing, how much you drink or how many drugs you do, there is no excuse for a man to sexually assault a woman. Rape culture is not ok and we need to start changing the conversation from teaching girls how to not get raped to teaching men that it is not ok to rape and if you do there is a serious consequence for that behavior. 

“Domestic violence causes far more pain than the visible marks of bruises and scars. It is devastating to be abused by someone that you love and think loves you in return. It is estimated that approximately 3 million incidents of domestic violence are reported each year in the United States.” — Dianne Feinstein

Another issue that I've seen all over the news lately is domestic violence cases especially involving professional athletes.

I was always a woman that loved sports. My fiancé and I travel all over the USA to see different stadiums and we even go to Spring Training games for baseball and we were lucky enough to go to a football training camp.

You see all the hard work these athletes put in and can't help but respect them and hold them to a higher standard.

Seeing the Ray Rice elevator incident really woke me the fuck up that some of these players are pieces of shit. It wasn't just the actual punch that got me heated it was the way he acted after he punched her. He dragged her out of the elevator like it was a inconvience for him to have to pull her out while she was unconcious. That shows me that he not only had no remorse for what he did, it most deff wasn't the first or last time that will happen. 

It was easy for me to hate Ray Rice for what he did because I wasn't a Ravens fan and glad he was eventually suspended for his actions even though his wife didn't press charges. 

I have been a New York Mets fan my entire life. I grew up in the David Wright and Jose Reyes era where the energy of that team was insane. Jose Reyes was one of my all time favorite Mets because his passion for baseball was contagious. When he left the team I was really sad to see him go. 

Then the news hit that Jose was involved in a domestic violence incident with his wife. She was choked and shoved into a door and she wound up dropping the charges. Hearing this kind of news from someone I had so much love and respect for in the past was heart breaking. 

The Mets announced they were bringing Jose Reyes back to the team and on any other occasion this kind of news would have made my day. After much confusion about my feelings I came to the conclusion that the kind of man Jose Reyes was off the field was more important to me than the Jose Reyes in the field. I will never have the same love and respect I did for him because in my eyes, no matter what accomplishments he does in baseball, he will always be the guy that physically assaulted his wife to me. I hope that Jose gets the help he needs and makes the change to be a better husband to his wife. As a woman, I just can't root for someone knowing that happened. 


Published by Rachel Giroux


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