Being a gay beauty blogger

Being a gay beauty blogger

In terms of my personal blog, I consider myself a fashion and beauty blogger as that is what the majority of my content is about, however if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll also know that I’m gay and often post content about LGBT+ rights and my personal experiences with prejudice and relationships. I feel that lesbian/bisexual beauty bloggers aren’t a very common thing; of course there may be gay beauty bloggers who choose not to talk about their sexuality which is completely fair, but I’m a pretty opinionated person and I want to promote equality so I enjoy writing about LGBT+ lifestyles. But I often wonder how people react when they visit my blog…

Unfortunately a lot of people still have the idea that all lesbians are masculine, and I don’t really conform to this stereotypical image; as you know I love fashion and beauty and all things considered to be typically ‘girly’. This means people are often surprised when they find out I’m not straight, or even worse say that I’m ‘too pretty to be gay’. I can't deny that I love writing about fashion and beauty, its my true passion. Also a lot of my followers are also beauty bloggers, but I worry that although they may be interested in my fashion and beauty content, they’re not interested in my LGBT+ content, or vice versa. This is completely understandable, and I did wonder if I should set up two blogs; one for fashion and beauty, and one for any opinion pieces or LGBT+ posts etc. However I’m very easily stressed and suffer from periods of depression so I didn’t want to have to worry about maintaining two blogs, and I’d probably end up neglecting one of them, so instead I combined the two. But still I worry about disapproval, I can’t help it, I’ve always cared what people think about me, and I suppose I think someone homophobic might check out my blog thinking it’s all fashion and beauty, and then have a…nasty shock. And I hate the thought of someone negatively judging me who doesn’t even know me.

But I know I shouldn’t care. I feel I’m doing the right thing. I want to support others in the LGBT+ and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my passion to do that. I’m grateful to anyone that follows me and its completely fair you aren’t interested in some of my content. I suppose I just want to break away from that stereotypical lesbian image and prove that you can be gay no matter what you look like, even if you’re a fashion obsessed beauty blogger.

I’m proud to be feminine, and I’m proud to like girls.

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