Bisexuality: It's not a fashion statement

Bisexuality: It's not a fashion statement

We all want to keep up with the latest trends and stay in the ‘cool crowd’.  And the best way to do that in 2016? Go round telling everyone you’re bisexual, and you’ll be the trendiest teen in town!

Please note the sarcasm.

I guarantee all of us have met at least one ‘fake bisexual’. Someone who claims to be attracted to both genders simply as a fashion statement, even though they’d never want to be in a relationship with someone of the same gender.  I class myself as gay, so I hadn’t thought about the destruction this causes until recently, when attending a party; I overheard a conversation between two girls. Both said they were bisexual because they’d kissed girls at parties, but they’d never be with a girl because I mean like, why the hell would they want to do that. I’m being completely serious. And I don’t think any of these fake bisexuals realise how destructive this is for the LGBT+ community.

I completely understand the curiosity and desire to experiment with someone of the same gender, it’s perfectly natural. And many of us have been through the struggle of questioning your sexuality. However drunkenly experimenting with a girl at a party is completely different from being bisexual. So to those who have kissed someone of the same gender once at a party, please don’t go round telling everyone that you’re bisexual simply because you think it makes you sound cool. Why you may ask? To begin with, it’s not trendy to be a sexual minority. Within the LGBT+ community there is a strong sense of pride and self-acceptance, and quite right to, we have every reason to be proud of ourselves despite being minorities. But I’ve never heard a genuine sexual minority say that they’re gender identity or sexual orientation is trendy, because what’s trendy about the fear of being cast out from society because of something that you didn’t choose, what’s trendy about facing discrimination to the point where you could be subjected to violence. Gender identity and sexual orientation is not just a trend to follow, so people need to stop acting as if it is.

Another reason why fake bisexuals are destructive; some people don’t believe genuine bisexuals anymore, saying that they’re either fake, or just don’t want to admit that they’re gay. There are many people out there who are genuinely bisexual, who experience attraction to both genders (when they’re actually sober) and would happily be with a male or female partner. I dated a girl who was bisexual in the past, and without a doubt she would happily be with a female, or a male, not to mention being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It saddens me that people like her aren’t taken seriously, just because a few people think it’s cool to say that they’re bi. Unfortunately, bisexuals already face prejudice in the LGBT+ community because some think that they aren’t ‘gay’ enough to be classed as a minority. I completely disagree with this, but sadly it is quite a common view amongst the community, so don’t make things worse for them by faking your sexuality.

Because after all, trends should be kept to clothes, not sexuality, so to those fake bisexuals, please stop using that label as a fashion statement.

And to the genuine bisexuals, carry on being awesome.

By Rachel S.D.B


Published by Rachel S.D.B


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