Dear Donald Trump...

Dear Donald Trump...

'I have been saying since June...that Donald Trump is not fit to be our president' are the truthful words of Hillary Clinton.

This just seems obvious to a lot of us, particularly after Trump's recent comment about 'grabbing women by the pussy'.

But never the less, he's still a presidential candidate. He still has a chance of actually becoming a world leader. The thought of this is enough to make my stomach turn. And I think I speak on behalf of millions of us when I say that enough is enough- this man is not fit to run his own Casino, let alone a country.

Undeniably, one of the worst things about Trump is his simply vile attitude to women. Multiple times he's been recorded making sexist, degrading comments about women, including the recent video showing him saying that women don't mind you kissing and touching them when you're a celebrity, as if consent isn't important. If this man becomes president it will only spread rape culture further, reducing women's power and status in society even more. Women make up half the population, so it shocks me that Trump has actually managed to get this far in his polictical career as surely no self respecting woman or feminist would vote for him? The last thing we need is a president who is going to diminish women and bring us back a century to a time when women were simply seen as objects. Perhaps one of the most disturbing things about Trump's attitude towards women is his comments about his own daughters, saying Invanka Trump has a 'nice piece of ass' and that he'd date her if she wasn't his daughter. I can't say I care for Invanka either, especially after hearing how she refused her female employees maternity leave, but no one can deny that a man sexualizing his own daughter is disgusting. Why would anyone, particularly parental figures, want a man who views his children in this way to be running the country?

Women aren't Trump's only target. In fact any minority will do for him. The LGBT+ community are also frowned upon by Trump, seen when he agreed with a homophobic beauty paegant winner's comments, saying that homophobia is the 'belief of about 70% of people' so her homophobia comments weren't 'that bad'.  To begin with, this is horrifically inaccurate, 23% of American citizens actually identify as LGBT+ and the support shown after the Orlando shootings clearly illustrates that millions of American's fully support equality. Trump doesn't believe in equality for anyone who isn't a straight white male, so no LGBT+ citizen of America should vote for him if they don't want their rights to be further eroded. Trump also uses ethnic minorities as scapegoats for all the recent terrorist attacks, and calling Mexicans 'rapists' and 'criminals'. In fact he even questioned if Barack Obama was actually born in the United States. His answer to this 'problem' is to prevent ethnic minorities who he is suspicious from entering the country. Of course there needs to be limits on immigration, but these limitations should not be based on religion or ethnicity. If he becomes president and allows this to happen, it will spread a white supremacist view across America and dramatically reduce diversity in the country which would be heartbreaking in the modern, culturally diverse and tolerant United States.

Besides Trump's racism, sexism and homophobia, he simply isn't fit to run a country, just as Clinton stated. He's a renowned liar, especially after he claimed he had already dicussed the payment for his 'wall' with Mexico and that they were happy to pay for it, which obviously they were not. Trump then later retracted his statement. Clearly this illustrates how incompetent this man, and after all, who wants a president who will lie to his own people? Trump couldn't even make it through the first presidental election debate without raising his voice at Hillary, so I can't even imagine how the United States government would be able to operate peacefully and effectively with him as the leader. His campaign slogan 'Make America Great Again' seems incredibly ironic when his radical attitude and opinions will have the opposite effect, and instead marginalize minorities further and cause corruption from the highest authority to the grass roots. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however when someone with radical views are in charge, they don't allow others to voice their more moderate, liberal opinions. And the worst thing about Trump's views is that they harm others; I completely believe in free speech, but when your views are deliberately harming others and causing those you influence to be violent towards minorities, we have a problem.

So to those who really want to 'Make America Great Again': don't vote for Trump.

To those who have any respect for human rights and equality: don't vote for Trump.

And to Trump: you really think we all believe your bullshit?


Published by Rachel S.D.B

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