'I'd rather go naked than wear fur'

'I'd rather go naked than wear fur'

Aug 21, 2016, 3:52:46 PM Viral

Animal fur sales were brought down to an all time low after PETA launched their 'naked campaign' featuring images of celebrities, completely nude, with the slogan 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur'.  This provocative campaign caught the eyes of many, and brought to the attention of the public the suffering that innocent creatures endure to produce clothing goods. Obviously, there are arguments for and against using animals to test vaccines and other products that may potentially save millions of lives, however there are simply no pros of using animals for fashion. After all, no one would feel beautiful sporting a bag made of human flesh, so why is it any different with animals?


To begin with, the suffering of these animals is completely unnecessary. When you compare a faux fur and a real fur coat, you can't even tell the difference. I own a white faux fur coat which looks absolutely stunning, and I can wear it proudly knowing no creature was hurt to produce it. However the sad reality is that the majority of high end brands such Burberry and Micheal Kors use animal skin and fur in their products. In fact, every Chanel bag is made from either leather or lambskin, and yet their purses are still deemed the most beautiful and iconic accessory. Yet many are so unaware of the brutality used to obtain animal skin, so they have no shame in walking round with a dead baby creature over their shoulder. But there have been reports of the horrific conditions animals are kept in, and how they are beaten and tortured simply so someone can have a 'pretty' handbag.


Another huge issue is testing cosmetics on animals. Brands such as MAC and L'oreal openly test on animals with little shame. The image below shows an innocent rabbit suffering after having eye makeup tested on it. After seeing pictures like these it really puts things into perspective; why would anyone be happy to hurt a creature simply so they can have long lashes. And the worst part is that the animals can obviously not give consent to be tested on, showing how inhumane the whole process is. Humans would never be tested on against their will, so we have no right to decide that an animal's life has less value and therefore it's ok for it to suffer to produce cosmetics. Yes, human's are the most intelligent of species, but at the end of the day we are still animals as well, and all animals feel pain. And who knows, maybe we're not that intelligent if we overlook the suffering of the innocent.


Thankfully, fur sales have dropped recently, and the increase in celebrities speaking out against animal cruelty has had a very positive effect. Also we can take comfort in knowing that there are many brands that refuse to test on animals such as Lush, Urban Decay and Dermalogica, so choose your products carefully to ensure you're buying from a brand that doesn't promote cruelty to animals. I think I would feel much more fashionable and confident with a manmade bag over my shoulder- it's equally as beautiful, and completely cruelty free. And as for wearing fur? I'd rather go naked.

'Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs'

By Rachel S.D.B



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Published by Rachel S.D.B

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