LGBT+ celebrity inspirations

LGBT+ celebrity inspirations

I'm so glad to see that in the recent years dozens of LGBT+ celebrities have been speaking out and promoting equality, I think without this many wouldn't have the courage to come out and embrace their sexuality/gender identity and the more people speak out, the further we are to equality. So here's just a few of the LGBT+ celebrities that I think are a true inspiration...


Gigi Lazzarato, better known as Gigi gorgeous is a transgender beauty youtuber and model who truly lives up to her name. Gigi is such an inspiration to the LGBT+ community as she's remained true to herself through her transition and her videos always make me smile. She's also recently come out as gay and has opened up about her relationship with her beautiful girlfriend so I think its wonderful how open she is about sexual fluidity as many often confine themselves to one label.


Of course Ellen Degeneres has to be on here. The talk show host (and voice of Dory) was one of the first celebrities to come out as a lesbian and have an open relationship. Ellen as helped promote equality greatly and has spoken out against anti-LGBT+ laws, whilst still remaining endearing and hilarious. She's had such a successful career and has influenced so many, it's no surprise that she's an idol to the LGBT+ community.

2014 LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Barbara Kruger And Quentin Tarantino Presented By Gucci - Arrivals

Actress Rachel Evan Wood has not long come out as bisexual and since then she's been an inspiration to bisexual individuals everywhere. She's spoken out about how bisexuals are often not taken seriously despite being the largest group in the LGBT+ community which I think is so important as unfortunately there is so much prejudice against bisexuals even in the LGBT+ community, so I admire Rachel for her pride and for supporting other bisexuals who fear they may not be taken seriously.


Troye Sivan is a talented singer and youtuber who came out as gay on his youtube channel, and since then has become an idol for the LGBT+ community, particularly through his music. He is also well-known for how he helped a fan come out to her mum as bisexual at one of his concerts and then later saying how happy he is that he provides people with a safe place of acceptance. He is such a genuine person and supports all his fans no matter what their sexuality- he definitely deserves to be recognized for the work he's done for the LGBT+ community.

cara and st vincent

Cara Delevingne is in a long-term relationship with singer St. Vincent (Annie Clark) and although there has been uncertainty over whether she is bisexual or gay Cara just embraces herself for who she is and publicly shows her love for her gorgeous girlfriend. She's one of the first supermodels to be in a lesbian relationship, breaking that stigma that queer women are always masculine. Cara also showed great support for the Orlando massacre victims and is a great supporter of equality for all which is why she's certainly one of my idols.


Singer Miley Cyrus may have done some controversial things, however she is one of the first celebrities to come out as pansexual. Pansexuality hasn't really been acknowledged until recently and that is definitely helped by Miley speaking out and embracing her sexuality which I think is a wonderful thing to do for the pansexual community. She also grew up in a very religious family and has talked about how this was difficult this was when coming to terms with her sexuality, however she's embraced who she is and is staying true to herself which really is inspirational.


Singer Frank Ocean has bravely expressed his homosexuality in the urban music world which isn't always known to be LGBT+ friendly, with some rappers such not working with him as a result of his sexuality. However he has remained true to himself and has a large cult following thanks to both his brilliant music and support of his LGBT+ fanbase. I think Frank is so inspirational for embracing hig sexuality, particularly in the urban/hip-hop music scene which has a reputation for being narrow minded when it comes to sexuality.


Sia is known for her incredible voice and her unique anonymity, however the bisexual singer is also an advocate for LGBT+ rights. Not only has she spoken proudly about her own sexuality, Sia has proudly supported the 'Say I Do Down Under' campaign which is striving for marriage equality in her home country, Australia. Her latest music video, 'The Greatest' also paid tribute to those affected by the Orlando massacre which I think was such a  beautiful thing to do and I'm sure it meant the world to those who had lost loved ones in the shooting.


Ellen Page is an actress who came out as gay in a moving speech at a human right's convention in 2014, and since then she has proudly shown her support for the rest of the LGBT+ community. She has spoken out about the prejudice she has faced in Hollywood as a result of her sexuality, saying it should have no effect on what roles she can play, and she slammed a Texas MP who commented that being gay can be cured. I love her fearless attitude and I'm sure she's an inspiration to many young individuals and LGBT+ people in the film industry.


Finally, transgender 'Orange Is The New Black' actress Laverne Cox is a true inspiration to the trans community. Laverne has often been said to have given hope to the young transgender community- she is a proud advocate for the community and has even created her own documentary about young transgender individuals and the struggles they face. She is probably the most well known transgender activist out there today and she definitely deserves recognition for the massive amounts of work she has done for the LGBT+ community.

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