What Does Education Play in American Politics?

What Does Education Play in American Politics?

On the night of the election my friend told me that I should run for president when I’m old enough because I am smart. I joked that smarts had very little to do with this election. All we had to do was look at are now new president as proof of that. It was a nice way to make her laugh and relieve the stress of the storm that had just erupted around her.

Education? Does that really have anything to do with American politics? My first instinct is to say yes. In the history of the United States we have had many if not all important figures have fine degrees in political science. So how does a man with no degree and no experience obtain such a critical and important role in American government when I can’t even get an entry level job without a master’s and 5 years of experience?

It is said that money rules the world. If you have enough of it, you can essentially get anything you want. I used to laugh at such a thought. Money doesn’t run the world. We as humans do. But is that true? It would seem that I was horribly wrong. Especially when a man with all the money in the world buys his way into the Republican nominee and then wins becoming our 45th president.

What is really displays however, is how lacking the American public is when it comes the education on politics and the political agenda. I believe that if people were only more educated and open minded the ignorance that got this man elected would never have existed to begin with. Fear is what won him the votes not educated decisions. Fear and ignorance.

It is especially infuriating when you look at his opposing candidate. A well-educated woman with years of experience. Was she perfect? No. Certainly not. Would I have much preferred a sweet, old grandpa who had even the birds on his side? Yes. Absolutely. But this is not a perfect world and you have to go with the cards you are dealt. And what were we dealt? A scared little boy with a bad spray tan and multiple sexual assault lawsuit against him pinned against a woman who deleted some email but overall has a good grip on reality. Something the earlier is severely lacking.

So, does education truly play a role in American politics? Yes. But not a big enough one. Money sadly plays a much bigger, more important role. If you cannot afford to run a campaign with all the balloons, fireworks, and assistances you need then no matter how smart or how many degrees you have doesn’t matter. Because no one seems to care about that. They should but they don’t and that is why we are in this deadly scenario. A nightmare for many. A nightmare for me.

Published by Rachel Taylor

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