Let's Talk About Colin Kaepernick....Again

Let's Talk About Colin Kaepernick....Again

I’ve written about this topic before and if you missed that post, you can read it here. A former friend of mine posted the following status the other day which led to a very lengthy discussion and debate. She’s purple, I’m blue and then a few other people joined in.

You don’t wanna stand for the national anthem? Hmm well that’s funny , because there are men and women standing up and fighting for you so you can be safe and not live in absolute fear every fucking day .

Not standing during the anthem wasn’t meant to offend veterans. It may not have been the best way to go about the message that wanted to be sent but that was not the intention

What was the intention then?

To make a statement against police brutality and the way that people are treated. I agree that it’s important to acknowledge that people are putting their lives on the line but even still people are living in fear (which is unrelated to veterans which is why it might not have been the best choice)

Random chick who decided to jump in:  Regardless it still offended veterans

I don’t disagree with that, I said it wasn’t the best way to get the message across

After this point a lot of people started jumping in and acutally backed me up but of course, she was too stubborn to listen.

One girl said: Veterans fight for your right to have the freedom to make that choice. So. Yeah.

I mean, you’re all for freedom of speech and the right to protest unless it’s something that you don’t want to hear right?

The funny thing about her original status is….many minorities do not feel safe and many do live in absolute fear every fucking day. Have you watched the news? Did you see when an unarmed black man was laying on the ground with his hands in the air and still got shot? Or are we turning a blind eye to that because you don’t really think that it’s important?

This is the same problem that we have with Black Lives Matter, people refuse to listen to what we’re actually saying and instead come up with bullshit retaliations that prove that they don’t actually care.

If you actually read Kaepernick’s statement then you know that his protesting has nothing to do with veterans and is in no way against them. But since people don’t like what he’s saying they’ve got to create some sort of reasoning that make their argument seem valid even if it has nothing to do with the subject.

After the conversation kept going for a while another woman said: The even sadder fact is that by choosing to go about getting attention for his cause this way, everyone is talking about how upset they are with this disrespect and he’s getting all kinds of publicity yet I’ve heard nothing he’s actually done to help or change anything for the better..so what does that really say?

Of course I jumped back in. I told her that he held a press conference about it and that he donated 1 million dollars of his salary and is currently working with organization founders for the opportunity to be hands on and really get involved. Did it ever occur to you that the reason that you’re not hearing about that is because the people who oppose him don’t want you to hear about it? I mean, come on. We all know how the media in this country works. Those that have it manipulate and control it. Really if you wanted to know what he was doing then you could turn on a sports channel or Google his name, but you chose not to. You wanted it to be a “publicity stunt” that had no real foundation so that you could continue to talk shit.

Have you noticed that anytime a famous black celebrity starts to support their community that people turn against them? Why is that? I mean you do realize that they are black right? In Kaepernick’s case it’s, “Oh, well he’s only half black” or “He grew up with a white family, what does he know? He’s privileged!” Yes! Yes, he is. And he is using that privilege to give a voice to those who either don’t have it or are constantly being ignored. But the real question is.. WHY are you so afraid for this community to come together? Tell me. I’ll wait…

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