Police Brutality

Police Brutality

Sep 29, 2016, 6:57:30 PM Opinion

Somehow people still believe the claim that police brutality isn’t a problem in the U.S.

It is.

So far this year 801 people have been killed by police officers in the United States. That’sabout 90 people per month. That’s a lot.

From what I’ve seen, I’m not 100% sure that I agree with some of the protocol that officers follow. If you are called for an emergency where someone is putting their well being at risk, it should not end with that person’s death. If you think that someone has a firearm, you should make certain of it. I don’t understand why guns are the first reaction instead of tasers. Even if the gun is the first weapon of choice, I don’t think that all shots should be kill shots. Especially when all of the information surrounding a particular situation haven’t been disclosed yet. To many unarmed civilians have been killed and I’m wondering when people will finally say that enough is enough.

Racial profiling is also an issue with some police departments. I know that this doesn’t apply to all of them, which is why I said some. For example, the Baltimore Police Department admitted that racial profiling was a part of their protocol and that is a huge issue.

Let me go ahead and clear this up: Yes, I support Black Lives Matter and yes I support law enforcement. Supporting one does not mean that I cannot support the other, and if you think that “choosing a side” is necessary then you are adding to the problem. I do not believe that the bad decisions and judgement calls of a few police officers defines the entire police force. Nor do I believe that the bad decisions and judgment calls of a few minorities should represent their entire community.

Earlier today I read an article about a white female cop who was fired because she posted a selfie with a caption that had the n word in it. I agree with their decision to fire her. If you’re racist, you shouldn’t be a cop. Period.

Let me also note  that while I support law enforcement I am not a fan of the term Blue Lives Matter when it is used as a  rebuttal to Black Lives Matter. History hasn’t constantly told police officers that they don’t matter. They don’t have to be reminded that they matter. I agree that law enforcement is important but I do not agree with saying it in response to Black Lives Matter.

A lot of people also try to combat Black Lives Matter with “well what about black on black crime?” This needs to stop. Crime within the black community is hardly an different from crime within the white community, but no ever talks about that. Another reason that this needs to stop is because civilians don’t take an oath to serve and protect.

Another rebuttal for when minority communities are upset by police brutality is “Well most police victims are white.” YES! Exactly! About 50% of victims killed by police ARE WHITE……. so why aren’t you as upset as we are? Why aren’t the “All Lives Matter” people speaking out against police brutality against white victims? And black victims for that matter since they should be included in all.

Whether you want to believe it or not, police brutality is an issue. Hopefully, the people who run the justice system will start to realize it so that the number of people killed each year won’t be so alarmingly high.


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