Privilege and the 2016 Election

Privilege and the 2016 Election

Nov 12, 2016, 1:39:06 PM News

Yup, I’m going to talk about privilege and no I don’t care if that makes you uncomfortable!

A lot of people have exposed their privilege in talking about this election. For example: scrolling through my news feed I saw a lot of people expressing fear and concern for the future of this country.

And then I saw someone say “take a breath and let it go”

I mean I get it. We have to accept the results, there’s nothing that we can do about them. The thing is… some people can’t just let it go. Some people are worried about how this will affect them and their families.

Then this same person said that the “real tragedy” was that Kate McKinnon wouldn’t be portraying Hillary on SNL for the next four years. Again, I get it. It was a joke. But for some of us this isn’t a joke. Even if I wasn’t concerned for myself as a woman of color I would still be concerned for my LGBTQIA+ loved ones because our new Vice President elect thinks that shock therapy can “convert” you to heterosexuality. So while some people are making jokes and are completely unphased by this, not everyone is and I can’t ignore that.

Then, someone (a complete stranger) commented on my blog and recited the definition of racism to me, said that they have helped black and Latinx “friends” fight racism, and then told me that Trump isn’t racist because he had some minority supporters.

First of all, I don’t fucking need you to quote the definition of racism to me when I’ve been on the receiving end of it. And you (as a white person) don’t get to tell me what is or isn’t racist. I also didn’t appreciate this person’s use of the term “colored” and if you don’t get why then you need to check your privilege too. And after I told this person that I was offended by their words, they didn’t bother to apologize (although I’m not surprised) and went on to tell me that I was biased and deluded.

Well you (whoever you are) proved my point, because you are a part of the problem. And yes, Trump had some minority supporters. So the fuck what? You know who supported him? People like Stacey Dash, who is a black woman who is incredibly prejudiced against black people and wants to pretend that she isn’t a person of color. So yeah, your argument is complete bullshit, but please go on and continue to turn a blind eye to what’s right in front of your face because you have the luxury of not having to deal with it.

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Published by Rae Coleman

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