Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate

Oct 6, 2016, 7:11:23 PM Opinion

If you missed the VP debate last night, unfortunately that was the only one  (tbh, you didn’t miss much). However the next Presidential debate is this Sunday night!

You already know by now that I support Clinton/Kaine and it is safe to say that they won this debate as well (at least I think so).

To be totally honest, Mike Pence is a lot like Trump. He talks in circles, sometimes doesn’t answer the question, and plays the blame game. There were a few things that he said that really made me say “what?” or “that made no sense at all” For example:

  • He talks about how his grandparents were immigrants but his running mate wants to deport EVERYONE
  • He called Trump thoughtful and compassionate…..since when?
  • Said that ISIS is Hillary’s fault….
  • Says Hillary is running an “insult-based” campaign because her commercials includeliteral audio of things that have come out of his mouth
  • Excused Trump not paying taxes by saying “he creates jobs”
  • Kaine pointed out that the black and Latinx communities were more likely to be more severely prosecuted for the same crimes as their white counterparts and Pence responds by saying “We need criminal justice” Yes, we do. But it should not apply onlyto minorities
  • Generalized all immigrants as criminals
  • The moderator brought up the bombings in New York and New Jersey and how those crimes were committed by U.S. citizens and asks how he plans to combat domestic terrorism….He responds by saying it “starts with immigration reform”……what?
  • Defends one of Trump’s mistakes by saying “He’s not a polished politician.” Is anyone else confused as to why the hell he’s a presidential candidate then? Or is that just me???

Another thing that I was incredibly disappointed about the topic of race relations. Just like in the presidential debate, they fell short. Turned the topic to gun control. I get it, that’s a part of it. However, gun control is not the only solution to race relations. In fact, it’s not even half of the solution. This isn’t a topic that can keep getting swept under the rug. And they didn’t even bring up LGBTQIA+rights, but we already know that Pence is against them so I guess it doesn’t matter much.

If you would like to watch the debate I will link it below along with a fact checking analysis.


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