Mohit Goel and his struggles with his " Love Life"

Mohit Goel and his struggles with his " Love Life"

Jun 13, 2019, 4:36:35 PM News

Mohit Goel used to be the brightest student of the DAV College Delhi until he kicked on his journey to fall in love with Rashi, who was also in the same batch. Their story started from a short exchange of “Hi’s” and “Hello’s” at the college canteen which went on to continue with regular ‘Coffee dates’ in the process. Mohit Goel belonged to a well brought up family in Delhi whilst Rashi came up as a simple girl hailing from the city of Baroda. None of them knew that a simple exchange of notes would end up in a love story of ages and with that coming, lots of twists and turns were in waiting for the beautiful couple.

Mohit goel and Rashi were going good until Rashi’s brother came to know about their love affair and this is where the “Villainous” twist came over into their Fairytale. Rashi was pushed to visit her parents at her hometown and she was never allowed to go back after the revelation of her love connection to her parents. Mohit did all what he can to convince his brother and parents via phone but all went in vain eventually. This is when they both decided to write their own fate and ran away from their places to start a new life, and a new story.

Rashi’s parents got furious after knowing this and they contacted the police in the same regards. Even though the Indian penal court allows adults above 18 years to marry at their own will, Mohit was been charged with fabricated allegations under the influence of Rashi’s parents. Eventually they both got under the police radar whilst staying at a hotel in Pune and brought to Baroda to start over with the interrogation process. Mohit Goel then contacted his parents to consult for his defense proceedings after being arrested on the charge of “forcefully pushing” Rashi towards their love story. He was arrested in love once but didn’t know that he will get arrested for love too.

Mohit Goel got freed after few days due to constant efforts from his parents but the unfortunate turn of events left him broken all along the process. He was finding it hard and out without having a word with Rashi who, on the other side, was doing her bit to convince her parents. Right when they left every hope of getting back together, Rashi’s mother turned in support to her relationship with Mohit and after days and months of efforts, her parents agreed to let her marry Mohit. Mohit Goel and Rashi malhotra got married but even when they were doing the auspicious “seven rounds”, they couldn’t believe what they have been just through.

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