Sexual Harassment: It’s not only About the Women!

Sexual Harassment: It’s not only About the Women!

Jan 24, 2019, 5:15:06 PM News

If we look around the recent social media campaigns stating women as the biggest victims of sexual harassment, Men have mostly been quoted as the biggest “Culprits “in the process .Whilst we said that, we must also look at the other side of the coin where men have often been targeted “on purpose” whilst getting victimized with all sorts of false and fabricated allegations

Quite recently, the allegations of sexual harassment on some of the big names from the political and showbiz world created havoc around and without even reaching to the conclusion of the same; all those men have been targeted as “guilty” by both media and the society. Although most of the people pushed down the fact that it’s really harsh to take action against all those so called “culprits” without having any proof, their life and career was already been put on stake without much to say about in the process.

Society needs to understand that men can be victims too and sexual harassment is not just limited it their female counterparts. It was just a few months back when one of the vice president of a famous Indian IT company committed suicide after been alleged with an attempt of sexual harassment with his female colleagues. Interestingly, none of the female employees have been able to provide any ground proof or the same allegations and the company management did suspend the guy from his services on the basis of mere allegations. This incident is proof enough to conclude the belief that no matter who has committed the offence, when it comes to a sexual harassment case, men are the ultimate offenders in the same regards.

It’s not like this has not been questioned over the years and the same notion has often attracted great criticism from some of the biggest names form the business and showbiz world. Kailash Kher , famous Indian artist quoted,” no question about the fact that women have been the biggest victims of sexual harassment cases but we must also look at the manner in which this is been used as a tool by some of them to demean their male counterparts. This must be looked at for sure”. Mr. Pandey, CEO, also voiced his opinion in regards to increasing sexual harassment incidents ate workplaces while saying, any complaint to the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) if upheld, the organization should deal with the concerned offender very strictly and make an example out of him and simultaneously protect the dignity and the job prospect of the aggrieved female / male employee”.

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Mar 1, 2019, 7:03:04 AM

This is really stupid that a guy has been suspended from his duties simply on sexual harassment charges. As Avinash pandey quoted, he should’ve been given a chance to prove himself rightful and his death comes as a slap to those entire feminist who blindly follow this notion against men.

Feb 27, 2019, 10:16:30 AM

I agree that women have mostly been targeted when it comes to sexual harassment issues in the world around but Men have also been the subject of victimization in the recent days. Swaroop raj was just one of the examples and I total agree with what Avinash pandey has quoted here.

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