What to Look before Buying a Gardening Apron?

What to Look before Buying a Gardening Apron?

Jan 15, 2019, 8:23:30 PM News

More often than not, flowers and plants look great but the job of gardening can be somehow dirty. You often need some level of protection and this is how we love aprons. It is not easy to choose the best apron for gardening which suits you the best. Choose aprons which are stylish, functional and durable.  If you are in search for a gardening apron, you are at the right place. Here are some of the things you should consider -


First of all, material of a gardening apron is everything. You need something durable and strong. An apron should be strong so you don’t need to buy another each year. You should buy something with thick material. You may also carry some sharp objects like pruners in your apron. So, material shouldn’t be thin which could tear in no time.

It is better to look for apron made of SAFE Denim, which refers to – Sustainable, American, and Friendly to Environment. Apron fabric should be durable, strong and airy. It should be good and tough enough for everyone.


You may choose the garden aprons which have deep red details and are made of blue jean material. It has a lot of benefits. First of all, the dirt won’t show up as much in dark color and you can go longer without having to wash it again and again. Next up, blue jeans can handle almost everything so aprons can be durable enough to go with whatever you wear. Don’t wear light colors which get stained easily. Also avoid prints and patterns if you don’t want to match apron to every outfit. Just keep it simple so you can focus more on gardening.


You should choose the gardening apron which has a lot of pockets in different sizes so everything is organized and handy. In one pocket, you can carry the cell phone and shears and pruners in other. You can use one pocket to carry the gloves, one for sunscreen and a few to have odd tools for specific project. Half apron has 6 deep pockets and full one has 5. They have different sizes of pockets to organize well. In these aprons, there are lots of pockets which are deep enough to carry heavy shears and pruners.


You may want to choose an apron that is easy to adjust around your waist and neck. Apron should easily fit over tank top or wool sweater.

Ideal for all seasons

You may be need to garden in different seasons. So, you have to choose an apron which can work in any season. You should choose an apron which is made of airy and light material which helps with it. You may go with 100% cotton instead of something synthetic. The hardest part is that you need to find one which is thick. You will definitely want it due to your pruners and breathable also.

We hope this post was helpful to you to choose the best apron for gardening. If you have any suggestions, please share with us.

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