Home Trends Coming In 2022

Home Trends Coming In 2022

Nov 18, 2021, 8:02:57 AM Life and Styles

As we reach the end of the year and head into a new one, there’s nothing like a fresh start to keep our motivation high. Start 2022 the right way by giving your home a refresh, bringing it up to date with some simple design touches that can have a huge impact. With your home being the place you spend most of your time, make it a cosy and relaxing space where you can switch off after a stressful day and fully unwind. 

As the festive period dies down and we head into January, it looks like there is going to be a big uprise in the number of home owners undergoing renovation projects. Whether that be undergoing significant changes by working with experienced architects in London to get the most from your space or carrying out surface level DIY projects to add personal touches around the house, we’ve pulled together some of the key trends we’re expecting to see in the new year to provide you with some inspiration for your own home.

Back to basics

The neutral trend is continuing to boom, looking to make its way well into the new year. Adopting a neutral colour palette is not only versatile whatever your style, but is a timeless classic that is likely to last for the foreseeable future. Depending on how much you are looking to transform your space, a simple neutral shade on the wall paired with minimalistic furnishings in natural materials and calming shades can create a peaceful space for you and your family to enjoy every day. If you’d rather put your own spin on the trend and brighten up the room, pick your favourite bold colour and add accents among your decorative touches for a personalised finish.

Bring the outdoors in

A bit of greenery can work wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing, purifying the air and helping you unwind. If you’re in a position to undergo bigger projects, creating an open patio space is an effective way to give the illusion of space and really open up your home as the daylight comes pouring in. Extending your living space into your garden is especially desirable in the warmer months, being perfect for hosting your family and friends for an evening of summer fun. If you’re looking for trends on a budget, simply pick out some of your favourite house plants to add a bit of colour to a lifeless room; a little greenery really does go a long way.

Make a statement

Creating a high end appearance on a budget, colour blocking is taking the internet by storm. Using a combination of different colours to create a statement design is not only a way to liven up a dull room, but it allows you to interpret it your own way for finish that oozes personality. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend picking a feature wall and establishing what shapes can work with your existing furniture and décor, working out how to compliment the style of the room and create focal points where you want them.

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